Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blast From The Past....

I was catchin' up on my readin'....and came across this neato blog Wheezer's Cheeze ....and she snagged a cool idea from another blogger....Of postin' her very first blog entry!!

So I thought I would walk down MemoryLane too.....From way back when I blogged on THE DARK SIDE....MSN.

That was 3 years ago!!

January 07 2006
New revelations!!
So last night was Date Night. The one night of the week where you take your best beau or gal out for dinner, maybe a movie or whatever may trip your trigger. But a time to share with your beloved, and maybe, just maybe if you play your cards right you can get laid, like you didn't know that........
After a tough week I was really in need of a steak and a margarita.....several margaritas in fact. I put on my really cool bra that Roy bought me at Victoria's Secret, the one that shows off the nipples, with me being pre-menstrual, those puppies could cut glass.....and I wore tight top.......I was getting laid!!!
Off the big city and to the Outback. We sat at the bar waiting for a table and I drank two maybe three drinks there......"Damn it! How is all that salt getting all over my boobs???" And brushed it off with all the men watching, with Roy loving every minute of it......He was getting laid!!!!
We finally got a table and I sent Roy off to be seated while I paid my tab....I didn't really want him to know what it was and plus I could flirt a little longer.......He was watching, and wondering, "What the hell is she doing?" I was making friends and being chatty......good grief? Can't a girl make friends????
Dinner was super....a person can't go wrong with a prime rib, a lobester tail and the Boomarang Shrimp! I know....Lots of food and not good for a diet but we share everything so it is okay! I took a pee break and strutted my bad self across the resturant. But what so cool was going back to the table, this way cool song was playing.....the sort that makes a gal walk the walk, slow and cocky with those nipples leading the way!! I couldn't help but grin!!
The drive home was hot!!! And a round of sex in the truck........lead to the relevations.
1. Yes, Tequila does make your clothes fall off!
2. I am way too old to have sex in the truck!!!
Sorry, but no details to the sex!! It is bad enough that you know about my nipples!!!

I didn't change a thing! Back then I didn't have spellcheck or Susan to correct me!


ReRe said...

wow! my first post was basically: hi, this is my blog. hope you like it.


Kelly said...

I remember my first blog...also on MSN. Way back in August 2004. I should've kept my old blogs, but I was so disgusted with MSN that I deleted them.

Miss Thystle said...

Hey that's GENIUS. Too bad my first blog was on a server that doesn't exsist anymore. I bet I can find one suitably antique though...