Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Best Batch Of Toffee....Ever!!

I made candy at Christmas time...lots of Toffee and butter crunch...Roy ate most of it. I swear he musta ate 10 pounds of it!
People want my candy and he's eatin' it!!
My daughter emailed last week with a plea for the recipe as her husband had eaten it all....leavin' her one piece.
I wanted her to have the recipe but I really don't want her make's mine. It's my thing. I emailed it to her with all the details to makin' really good candy. Lots of helpful hints. I hope I made is complicated she won't attempt it.

Let me be the candy maker.

One of the BeeHiveLadies was in awe of it. I gave her some for Christmas.
She normally buys it online from some place in North Carolina.
But now she wants my toffee. "It's so much better than that Carolina stuff."

She approached me one day last week and said, "My birthday is in April and I would like to put in an order for some toffee now. Is it hard to make?"

It's not ready hard to make it's just tedious!
And hot!!
Take the skin off hot!!
I don't personally know...well.... yes, I do, but I don't want to talk about what I know.
Just take my word for it!

I told her that I would..."No problem!! But you will not have to wait until April."

We swap things back and forth all the time....I take her veggies in Victoria Secret's bags. She was so thrilled to receive a Zale's bag but was let down only to find a couple of tomatoes. She saves the bags and brings them back to me filled with oranges or some baked goodies.
I leave my bag on her fence....she sits in my driveway and honks her horn until I come out!!
I try to be sneaky....the Mysterious VSveggie fairy.
She doesn't even try.

So I started makin' candy. I got everything ready. It's best becuz once it hits that hardcrack stage...I've to be to movin'!!
Or Roy does.
He's the hot pan guy. He's the one that pours it out.
I put it all in the pan and started cookin' it....and stirrin'....and stirrin'.....and stirrin' get the idea.
It was at 300degrees and almost ready for Roy....once it hits that...It's like move now or burn it. And he's pokeassin' around.
"Roy! I need you to move it right NOW!!!"
He hussles it up and takes over the pourin' and scrapin'....and I swear he did it!!
He went to taste it!!!!!
"DROP THAT!!!! DO NOT TASTE THAT!!! That will take the hide right off your tongue and I'm in no mood to rush you to the ER!!!"
He stopped.
He let it cool and then he ate it.

I put the requested toffee in a baggie, wrapped up some to send in my ValentineSwap and put the rest in front Roy.

We went to deliever the TheBeeHiveLady's toffee and we met her husband in the driveway. I gave him the bag and went on my merry way.

I received this email.

Names have been changed to protect those that innocently trip, face first into my life....and blog.

"wow that was the wrong thing to do Nadine was to give the toffy to him when I got home there was one piece left and he wasn't suppose to have any he's blood suger went way up by damn he enjoyed it I did also one piece. next time I will come and get it or glue it so he can't open it he is like a kid he just loved it could.nt stop tlking abt it . good try shall we try again in April . thank you anyway so sweet of u your a good daughter but your daddy is a hog love ZZ"

She used to be a proofreader in a publishin' company....and she was always correctin' my spellin' on the sign at work!!

So Thystle when I make her next batch, I'll send you some of that one.


♥georgie♥ said...

You crack me up!!! and i had this image of the ladies at silver dollar city makin peanut brittle the whole time i was reading this...

Gina (Mannyed) said...

You should start charging people!! : ) Start charging after you send some to New Yor City, hehe.

Becca said...

You make me laugh so much, and did you know that my birthday is in April, too? And you do know that I was bugging you at Christmas..

Billie said...

Oh man... I LOVE TOFFEE. I need to get on your good side! Actually... I would pay...

It is possible that these 12 exams ARE Book 1 and he is free. That is what he thinks but before I get my hopes up... I went to see the next syllabus title!

Bj in Dallas said...

my birthday is in March....;)

Vickie said...

I love toffee. I leave the candy making to Mo though. He is so much better at it than I am. I have to be quick when he is making candy or I don't get any. He likes to eat it as well. Homemade is just the best.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I will PAY YOU for your toffee, candy lady.

Start cooking.

Jenny Craig can go straight to hell.

Proto said...

hot hot hot!

and yes it was expected, she'd been in the hospital five of the last six weekends, including Christmas Day. Thanks for offering the idea of a return policy!

MizAngie said...

Well, I was gonna ask for the recipe - but I'm quite content to let you be the candymaker. IS delish!!! You still have my address, right?

Decided I'm never gonna see my nieces again as they're so frickin' busy - so I mailed the dresses. Can't wait to see the pix, which I will forward to you immediately!

Love, Angie

Tracie said...

Well.... I kinda (stupid stupid stupid) left it on the kitchen island...., and well...., my family kinda ate it all. So it MUST have been GOOD! I should have known better. I know I have to hide things like that, I don't know WHAT I was thinking!