Friday, January 02, 2009

Trendsettin', Imitation or Mockery???

I'm a trendsetter!
I know!
Hard to believe.......... but it's true!!

Many years ago I went around wearin' my pant legs tucked in my boots....Yep I did!
Just me.
Granted it was cowboy boots....TonyLama goat ropers to be exact.
I wonder do they even call them goat ropers anymore??
I think today's trend is called PhatBaby boots???
I've lost my cowboy-ness.
All I see now is girls with there jeans tucked into their boots!!!
I can live with that!
I'm waitin' for the trend of white platforms to come back.....but I think I'll be waitin' a while.

At the gym, after I ride my bicycle thingy for 20 minutes, I stretch before I start on the weight machines. In high school I was a sprinter and very I stretch my legs in the same old way I always have.....which hard to describe.
Let's just say I look a lot like a flamingo standin' on one leg and bendin' over to touch the floor....and keep my's not easy!!
One day I had an audience.
Two teenage girls and their mother. The mother is a weight lifter....but not. The girls are just teens.
I hate teens.

So I'm busy in my own little world stretchin', when outta the corner of my eye I see one the teens tryin' to do what I was doin'!!!
And couldn't.

But she kept tryin'....with help, she managed to get her leg up behind her but she was tryin' to pull it up over her a ballet move....sorta.
I haven't been that flexible in years!!! There was no way I could to do that.
Roy was watchin' them too.
I just grinned at him and rolled my eyes....and went back to my own business.
But the girls....each had to do it and their mother was takin' pictures of them tryin' to do it.

In the truck on the way home, Roy said, "What was that circus all about?"

"They were mockin' me!"
"Oh now. They weren't mockin'! They were just imitating' you."

"I'm 44! And a couple of teenagers feel compelled to imitate me?? What the hell for??"

Cuz I'm so Fergi-lious!!
They'll be linin' down the block just to see what I got....Rrriight!

Trendsetter....she's says as she rolls her eyes!!

I'll just blow kisses.


ReRe said...

i'm hoping that the jeans tucked into furry-topped boots craze will go away this year!

MizAngie said...

44? When did you pick up the extra 9 years?????? Must be a typo...

I can hear those girls..."Look at that woman. She's limber for an old lady." "Uh. Whatever.I can do THAT." Then they tried and couldn't. HA!!

Once again, you ROCK the gym, Nadine!

Bird said...

Oh, I'm imitating you--my jeans are all tucked into my boots this season.

Kelly said...

Well, if I tried those moves I'd end up in the hospital! lol

♥georgie♥ said...

I am with kelly though-I would surley end up in the ER if I tried those moves

Kelly said...

You know, Eureka Springs is a good idea...I'm going to have to discuss that with Erik. :)