Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am so excited I could just pee my pants!!!!
I know what it's like to get the call that I was nominated for a Golden Globe!!!!!!!
Okay okay...Deep breath.....ooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmm.

Seriously, I can't type!!!! I'm gonna screw up the links I'm sure.

Apparently, every year, the BlogOklahoma people have an award that they give out to those deservin' Okies that blog.
Holy Buckets, someone nominated me!

Tears and Goosebumps!!!

I know!!!
But there's more to my exhilaration!!!
When Georgie congratulated me for my nomination I figured humor category.
And I was a tad bit anxious becuz that would put up against The RedneckDiva. She's won the last 2 years!!! That's a tough category!
Hellfire!! She's a neighbor and we all know what troubles I've had with the neighbors!!

So I was readin' down the list of blog catergories.... not me. Those are really great blogs!

I cuss a whole lot.
And drink.
And talk about sex.

Political...I'm not that either. We all know I'm about as deep as a shot glass!

Best Lookin'....Maybe if I put my photo on it??

Unusual?? Yes for sure!!
But no my blog wasn't listed.

So maybe Georgie read it wrong.
I skipped over Culture and Commentary and Commercial.

I can only aspire to inspire those that come by and read my blog to live life to the fullest and laugh at yourself. It makes it a whole lot easier on you when others laugh at you!!
Trust me on that one!!

So that left Best Writing Blog....NO FREAKIN' WAY!!!!
There it was.....All Along the Hightower!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy to put with some very good blogs!!
Jenx67 ...she so smart!!!
Rocks in my Dryer ...I am so not worthy.
I'm the Susan Lucci of the Blog World.

I have no idea who nominated me at all but Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!
Best Writing!!!!!!!
And all I can write at the moment is that I could to pee my pants!!!!

There's a drawback to votin'...only those with Okie Blogs can vote. So all my worldly peeps in my posse can't run over and stuff the ballot box....rats!
And I know you would.
OMG!!!! Best Writing!!!!!

My Junior English Teacher would be so proud!!!
Not about the pee my pants part.
Or the cussin'.
Or drinkin'.

And hopefully other Okies will come and read my lil' blog....and all they'll read it that I'm so excited that I could just pee my pants.
My best stuff is in the Archives!! Hunting from the Hightower, All in a Day's Work, Them People...those are the good ones!!!

Or Not...
At least they didn't come here to see the strippers, porn, or my 50 pound boobs...Sorry, Mrs Rhodes.


Mary Moore said...

A big CONGRATS to you!! I wish I could vote...

ReRe said...

not just "someone" this someone! i nominated you, jenx67 and bpdinokc because you ladies are fab!!!

Bird said...

Congratulations. You know, you have quite a style.

Where was I when Obama was inaugurated? Speech therapy. So goes the tide of my life.

Billie said...


I would have surely voted for you because you are one of my favourites!

Miss Thystle said...

WooHoo for you Sistah! That is So, So, SO exciting!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

what, people from New Yor can't vote? Damn. I would've! Congratulations and good luck!

Grandmother Witch said...

OMG Nadine, I laughed at this entry so much (all held inside because my two bosses sit right in front of me like vultures)I nearly peed my pants! You realize at my age that is not a joke but a serious threat. Your blog is one of the funniest things I every read, so if it is not nominated for that I want the link to the Okie people think is funnier to go check them out. And damn Nadine, I would certainly go vote if I could. Good job ReRe! But I woke up this morning to discover that not only is Super Bowl coming up, but the Oscars! OMG so much to blog about. Have you seen Benjamin Button yet? Longest movie I ever sat through, and all just for Brad Pitt!
Blessed be

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Oh, that's real clever Nadine! Leave us a comment saying: 'At least some of the others have left you a None, zip zilch.' So we come over here to leave you a comment and what do we see? 7 comments! SEVEN! That's very clever. Make everyone feel sorry for you, get 'em over here and then suck 'em in with your excellent bolg writting skills.
It really makes us mad we didn't think of doing something like that.
Congrats to you!

Jeankfl said...

Congratulations!! I'm going to vote for you!! HEHE At least I can!!!LOL That's way cool..

Sherrie said...

What ya mean I can't vote!!!!!! You've always had my vote, and for any one of the categories you listed, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you girl ~hugs~

MizAngie said...

My mother's dad was from Oklahoma so ya think that "grandfathers" me in so I can vote for ya? Ha!

You are so judmental on your own writing. You may not spell everything just right, or punctuate it like an English teacher, but your down-to-earth stories are fabulous. Your sentiments are heartfelt, your observations are dead-on, and the compassion you usually try to hide spills out into your writing. If you don't believe me, believe the people who keep coming back day after day to get a dose of Nadine...

maggie's mind said...

Many congrats on your nomination! I look forward to reading more.