Monday, January 12, 2009

The Gift That Keeps On Giving...Part 2

Now did you really think that was the end of the story???

While workin' on that damn scarf, or any project for that matter, one of the cats lays near me.
If it's Scooter, he stays curled in a ball most of the time.
If he wakes up he shows a little interest in the yarn and he is promptly put on the floor.

But while I'm workin'on RubyJune's Damn Scarf...the one that my mother is goin' to judge....the one that is just a complete pain in the ass.....Woobie slept by me.

I was likin' the way the scarf was turnin' out...the softness of the yarn was not lost in the tight crochet weave...I did it my way!
It felt so much better.
More importantly, I felt better!!

Woobie woke up.
Like all cats, she stretched.
She reaches out and touches my leg....she so sweet.
She is so needy....she was gonna get all comfty on my lap and the Damn Scarf, but I told to keep goin'.
She walked across RubyJune's Damn's so soft!
It's irresistible even to cats!!
She has a habit of sittin' on my shoulder so she stomps across my lap and leaps up on my shoulder!

Whew!!!! O!M!G!
There was the most god awful smell!!!
Cat's do fart.
But this was worse!! They also have anal glands!!!!

That damn cat shot anal gland juice on RubyJune's Damn Scarf!!!!!!!!!!

SSShhhhh.......Don't tell her!!!

Ang, it's okay. Addie's dress is safe!
It's finished and tucked away in a safe place where no cat can get to it.

But that Damn Scarf....I'm still workin' at it.
I hope I can get that smell out of it!!

And speakin' of gift givin'....Becca is havin' a gift swap for Valentine's Day.....Join in!!


♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh!!! LMAO...i am speechless

Mary Moore said...

OMG!! Anal gland juice. Good one. Febreze works, I hear.

Jane! said...

Ewwww! Good luck - I think that's going to leave an odiferous stain!

Gina (Mannyed) said...


Guess she was just trying to put her mark on it! LOL!

MizAngie said...

You're a mind reader. The minute I read "anal gland juice" I started fretting about Addie Kate's dress! Ha!! There's a tomcat that lives in the alley. He's black & white, with a tiny black moustache - so I call him Hitler. Anyway, I can tell when he's brought his whore-cats around because my porch is musty. I hope the scarf doesn't smell like THAT. Ugh.