Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Gift That Keeps On Giving....

For Christmas my sister, RubyJune, gave me a special little gift. She called it "the gift that keeps on giving."


Then she got it right!!!

It was a very simple crochet project. I was to make her a scarf....a pink ribbon scarf. It's to be white with a pink ribbon symbol interlaced into it.
Well here's where it all goes to hell...I don't do patterns.

When I was 9 my great grandmother gave me a crochet hook and some yarn and said, "Do it like this." and showed me how to do it.
There were no names for the stitches.
There was no patterns to look at....I just did my own thing.

And I still do.

The dresses I've made for MzAngie's own idea. You will not find another one like it. And for that matter....I wouldn't be able to do it again to save my soul.
I've made RubyJune 2 scarves already!
But now she wants another.

To complicate matters, my mother was there when RubyJune gave me "the gift that keeps on giving....she didn't want me to make her one. She wanted a pattern to make her own. And turned the whole thing into a competition...who can make the best "gift that keeps on giving."??

I was quick to tell both of them that I can't do patterns...the instructions might well be written in chinese for all I get outta it!!

"Oh No! It's really easy. You can do it." my mother said.

I was slightly miffed.
But I'll go along with it.
I bought the softest yarn. I mean I'm makin' it for my baby sister, it needs to be super soft.
Found the right hook....Thank goodness Roy and I go to auctions. I have several different sizes.
And I set down on Sunday to work on it.

By Sunday evening I was more than slightly miffed.....this isn't what I'd do!!
Somehow the softness was gone. I was followin' what I thought was right by the stupid pattern!

It was just awful!!
I sent my sister an email to tell her the misery that she had inflicted upon me....and all she said was, "you're so funny"

One of us is not laughing!!!

But I'll go along with it...I'll keep trudgin' thru!
By Monday evenin' Roy looked at me horrified as I was rippin' that damn scarf apart!!!

Cussin' with every pull of the yarn!!!

People all over the world have heard me cussin' about that damn scarf!!
If only I could have made it into socks!!!!
I was even sent to bed by Thystle!!!

But I sat down on Tuesday with a fresh eyes and determined not to bested by that damn scarf!

So far so good....... And then......


♥georgie♥ said...

I wish i could knit! maybe that will be a hobby i take up this year!
OH and i LOVE you for your sooner comment!!!!

Jane! said...

I'm pretty much a freestyler, too, when it comes to crocheting. That's probably because I wouldn't know a SC from a DC if it bit me on the ass. Good luck!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

and then...and then....

Well I give you tons of credit for even knowing how. I want to learn to knit or crochet and co-worker said she would teach me, but we just haven't got to it yet.

Billie said...

I thought it was looking good!!!! But I can't knit or crochet so take my comments with a grain of salt.

I admit that I think I went back to work too soon. I probably should have waited another day. The cold thing? That was just a matter of time. I worked hard at rebuffing the kids BEFORE the surgery when they were sick because I knew they would cancel the surgery. I should have worked just as hard AFTER the surgery. Kylie was complaining about an earache on Saturday night/Sunday and was very sick on Tuesday. I should have made her stay away from me until she left on Sunday. And I should have stayed away from Eduardo who was also complaining about the same thing on Sunday.

Resting? I am working 6 hours days sitting at my desk typing and looking at video. It is not a very stressful job at this moment. I canceled my second job for tonight (I went Monday and discovered that sitting and being a greeter was STILL work. Who knew...) I am doing the best I can to rest and still keep my job.

Mary Moore said...

All I can say is I'm glad I'm not you right now. And also, I thought this post was about sexually transmitted diseases...

Kelly said...

It looks kinda like a jellyfish ;)

It's cute...don't give up! I tried to crochet once and stabbed a hole in my finger. Manual dexterity is not my thing.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Reading your post I thought:
Gee: I've always wanted to take up crotcheting.

I realize it's because it has the word
in it.

MizAngie said...

I'm clueless on crocheting instructions - it all looks Greek to me. All I know how to crochet are handles on a dishtowel, a border around a hot-pot-holder, and a Barbie vest. And they're not very good.

I've gotten oodles of compliments on my scarf, by the way! I love it.

P.S. Once I have to rip something out it's unlikely that I'll finish it...

Becca said...

It is beautiful. I wish that I was so talented!