Sunday, January 11, 2009


Roy's: He's in a small boat on the lake, when the wind comes up and takes is sunglasses off. They are just twirlin' around above his head.
Other people in other boats are losin' their sunglasses....they are flyin' in the breeze to Roy.
He just reaches up and grabs a pair and puts them on.....and he wakes up.

We have no clue to any meanin' to that.....he can't tell what lake. But it's one with a dam.
And he doesn't know anyone.
The wind doesn't take his hat just his sunglasses.

Mine: We are a TobyKeith concert. I'm just chattin' away with Toby like we were best friends forever. When I look up for Roy, he's gone.
I start to panic.
He left me.
Security takes me backstage and I'm with Toby's Grandmother. She's tryin' to calm me down.
"My husband left me. I don't understand!"
"He is tall and handsome?"
"Does he wear a uniform?"
"yes." and then she pointed to him.
I ran to him.
" You Left Me!!"
and he said, "You were leavin' me."
And I woke up.

What the fuck was that!?!?
Me leave him????

I told Roy about my dream and he said, "I'm not takin' flack for a dream!"

Or do I need to go back to therapy??


♥georgie♥ said...

dreams fasinate me...but I no clue what that(yours) means

MizAngie said...

I think it means you're paranoid about losing Roy. Not sure, though, until I consult your tea leaves and my Tarot cards.

You know why fortune tellers don't have babies? Because they have crystal balls!!!

Mary Moore said...

Dreams are amazing. I don't know what yours means...maybe you're afraid of losing your husband?

I'm having tons lately about searching through rooms in different houses, with lots of children all around.

Kelly said...

The only times I can recall dreams is during the summer when I'm not working and I'm getting enough sleep. And I never know what they mean...if they mean anything at all.

Thank you for the cruise info! :)

Bj in Dallas said...

I have weird dreams too, and have all my life. Don't know what they mean most of the time, however I told a cool doctor about one about a snake and he laughed and said "dreams about snakes are sexual"
Did Toby Keith have a snake with him? and WTF was his grandmother doing there....
no pizza late at night for you, young lady

Jeankfl said...

Yeah.. I think you ate something too close to going to bed!!LOL Or it means that you both need help!!hehe