Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The DeWalt Attacker...

I have to share my laundry room with the deep freezes, the cats, and Roy....which means all of Roy's deer thingys and tool do-hickeys....wait I'll go take a pix of it so you get a full grasp of it.
Yep, that's laundry room.
Can you imagine all those deer thingys anywhere else??

Now imagine havin' an armload of dirty clothes and tryin' to maneuver thru there..... that narrow space between the washer and the end of the tool bench.

Or maybe havin' an armload of clean clothes and tryin' to come outta that narrow space and not drop any on the floor.
Or maybe just be as klutzy as I am and go out there to dig food outta the freezer...with cats in way.
A little know fact....I'm a klutz.

Now add all that together.....narrow space, arm loads of clothes, cats goin' every which way that they do, and a ditzy klutz...along with the DeWalt get a bruise or a scratch.

When Roy hears me yell, "Son! Of! A! Bitch!", he knows that I have either broken a finger nail in some brutal fashion.....again.
Or stubbed my toe....again.
I have one...the WeeWee Piggy.... that I've stubbed so many times that I can pull it away from the rest in an odd way that people scream "EEEEuuuuwwwaaaaa".
So no.
There will be no pix of it.
Or I have been attacked by the DeWalt grinder thingy.... again!
"You know it's there. I don't see the problem."
"I don't do anything any different than I normally just jumps up....Hi Yah!..... and karate chops me every frickin' time!! Move it!!"
It has set there for 5 years or more.
"But I use it all the time. If I move it I won't use it."
Now let that soak in....."If I move it I won't use it."
Where's the logic in that???!!!
Outta sight... no need to grind???
Just last week....I had a bruise on my left arm from an attack while takin' out clean hip bumped off the washer throwin' me into the path of the DeWalt Attacker.
Hi Yah!!
And I'll be damned it I didn't scratch my right arm goin' out there to get something for supper!! That time it just pulled a blade!!
Did I mention that I have to step down into that room??
With at least 2 cats "helpin'" me get supper.
For those of you without those furry little creatures that God has bestowed upon torure us.....walk in a way to force you to step on them or around them. When you step around them....the DeWalt Attacker Jumps Up...Hi Yah!!!
Karate Chopped again!!!
After my last attack, to prove that the grinder is a vital part of life and needs to stay in the house he used it to sharpen his chainsaw.
"I couldn't do this if it were outside in the WigWam."
Last time I looked it had electric run to it....for all the frickin' lights....And don't get me started on that one!!


Billie said...

okie dokie.... Grinder... check, freezer... check, washer/dryer... check... deer antlers? no way, no how would there be deer antlers in my laundry room!

And I know all about helping cats. If nobody is running around the house screaming... Harmony always shows up to help me cook.... I just wish she was more productive. Wrapping herself around my legs or sitting on my toes does not reduce my time spent in the kitchen.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

outta sight outta grind, lol! I like that. You know what, you've taken enough abuse. It's time you said enough is enough. Throw that thing in the garbage. No, not Roy, Mr. Dewalt! And all his lil yellow tool friends.

Dawn said... funny

Bird said...

My hubby is always blocking my way to the washer/dryer too. I guess since he doesn't use them, it doesn't occur to them that I'm using them ALL THE TIME!

I say if it doesn't get any better, then you stop doing laundry until you can get to the washer/dryer without injury.

Ace said...

lol, that's funny. Next time he's out hunting, just move it out!!!!