Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We Really Love Gil!!

Roy had this bright idea.
He took an empty rum bottle and cleaned it up with the intent of puttin' the sugar in it.
Wait, don't judge!
He has his reasons.
So the bottle still had moisture in it.
"Do you think if I put it on the stove it will break?"
"Try it! I'll gladly furnish you with another one if it does."
He doesn't have any doubt about that!
He put the bottle on the wood stove for about 30 minutes to dry it out....and it worked! No cracks!
So now it was time to put the sugar in it.
I held the funnel while he poured the sugar in....he doesn't like the jar I have it in.
So as he poured it in, there was dust!
I didn't know sugar had dust!
Cheap sugar!!

"When Doc Robbins does my autopsy for the brain injury, he will find a white powdery substance in my nose and confirm that I'm a drunken druggy!"
I've been called a pillpoppin' alcoholic!!
In legal proceedin's!!!!
"No. Grissom will figure it out! He knows the difference between coke and sugar." he said.

We will miss Grissom when he's gone.


ZooKeeper said...

I love Gil too!

Dawn said...

I to will miss Gil....it just won't be the same anymore...to many staff changes.

Becca said...

We are done when Grissom is gone.

Bird said...

You know I don't watch tv any more, but I did love Gil back when I did.