Sunday, December 07, 2008

We Love Gilbert!!

The other day we were bitchin' at each other...not about each other but at each other about other things.
Roy was ticked off that the gym lost his profile so all the miles he had walked was wiped out. He was close to 500 miles!! But now he has 325!
And he bitched all the way home!!
I said,"It takes the wind outta your sails, doesn't it?"
"Yes!" he said with a pissy look on his face.
"Kinda like dietin' for 4 months and not losin' any weight?"
"Yes!" he said still just as pissy!
"Kinda like sweatin' your brains out in the gym and not losin' any weight?"
"Yes." he said with a smirk on his face.
"When all along I coulda been eatin' what I wanted!"
And he saw where I was goin'....becuz all he did was grin!

and thought about it...
and finally said, "You'd be fat!"


So that just set the tone for the next hour or so....we bitched.
I would cut lose.
And then he would whine some more about the gym.

"And another thing...!" and I would start again.
Which Roy would just grin at me....

All the while I was dryin' my hair....and we would bitch.
"And while I'm on a roll...!"
And I flipped my head over and whacked myself with my hair dryer....If I had a funny bone in my skull...that's what I hit!!
And I cussed about it.
Roy just giggled at me.

"What's so funny! I'll probably keel over dead from a bleedin' in my brain!"
"And I'll go to jail for killin' you!

"Oh No! Grissom will figure it out!!

He just giggled.
And went back to bitchin' about the gym!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...but I bought a membership to a classy gym here and haven't even gone yet.

So, here I am sick with the flu, and never once had that with my sweats and pumping nutrients out through my skin..nor would have even now.

You snooze, you lose?


Bird said...

love it!

sounds like you two have got this marriage thing figured out.

Jeankfl said...

LOL You two.. you're worse than kids!!LOL At least you all have it figured out! Sounds like you are solid as a rock together.. That's so nice.. We're gonna go through the park Mon or Tues nite.. supposed to be great.. and the Redneck Diva has a spot!
Careful with that blow dryer! That really can hurt

Miss Thystle said...

I'll come to the trial and I'll wear a hat and veil and be all mysterious, and then I'll swear Roy was with me the whole time, thus saving the day. Except, I don't need any more whiney men in my life. So never mind, I guess Gil will have to save the day after all.

Jane! said...

Can you believe there are couples out there that only say nice, sweet things to each other?? I bet they secretly want to rip each others thumbs off.
That would really suck, though, to lose 500 miles. Poor Roy.