Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Those People Drive Me Friggin' Nuts!!!!

I was gonna label this "3 things that my inlaws to that drive me nuts"....but each actually deserve their own blog entry!!!

Alert #1:
Blue 42! Round Robin Right! Tomahawk Chop on 3!!! Break!

We took my inlaws some venison SummerSausage...we love it!! It ranks right up there with the backstrap!
RoySr took some out to cut up to snack on....and he got out a long knife....a dull one.
Thank all that is good and Holy that it was.

He stabbed into it in such a manner that made Roy wince. That man takes great pride in his killin' of the deer and takin' the time and money to have the sausage made that it stresses him a great deal to have someone just stab it!!
While Roy's back was turned in horror, I witnessed RoySr slice into that beloved deer SummerSausage....and the knife turned....and I winced!!!
If that knife had been sharp...we would have had to rush him to the ER for slicin' his hand open...a 6 inch gash that would have been 2 inches deep!!
I kid you, NOT!
That man drives me nuts!!


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I once had a super-sharp hunting knife, and with freezing temps, I had to take my gloves off to dress out my deer I had down.

It's sooo warm inside and my hands didn't feel anything as it slipped and I have to leave everything and pack out..back to town..a few stitches on my thumb.

So then? Back up, back in, finish the dressing out and pack it out.

But sounds like a power play of some sort...jealousy maybe?

Just showing off?

And...I always ask..."were they drinking?"....jk of course..DW.

ZooKeeper said...

My daughters teacher stabbed herself in the stomach while trying to cut frozen meat. And this person is teaching my child...just great.

Becca said...

Oh man, that sucks!

But hey, you know who loves good venison sausage? My husband! I would even buy it from you if you were able to over night fed ex me some! He hasn't had the chance to hunt this year and misses it! Hee hee!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

If I were not write a list of things that my in-laws do to drive me nuts it would be an entire blog, not just a blog entry.

Lorrie Veasey said...

What is venison sausage?
Cuz here in New Yawk, we would wonder if you were talking about Rudolph's Penis.

MizAngie said...

Oh YEAH - venison summer sausage is the BEST. I've only had it one time and it was deeeeeelish. Have y'all ever had tamales made up from your venison? Those are good, too!