Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Models, The Gym and Vanity....

One day outta boredom....and becuz HughJackman was on the cover...I picked up the PeopleMag to read while I was on the bicycle at the gym.
He is hot!!

I saw an article about Roy's favorite VictoriaSecret's Model.
She is hot!!
Hell! I'd do her!
She just had a baby....4 months ago. She lost 45 pounds!!!
By spendin' 3 hours in the gym!!!!
Roy and I have gone back and forth about the amount of time we spend in the gym. He would be in there for hours!!!!!
I do my time and I'm ready to go!!
I'm finished in an hour and 15 minutes!!

So being, shamed by some model I decided to dig down and reach for my inner skinnygirl...I know she's in there! She's just been hawg tied and squash by my outter fatgirl!!
I will gain back my VSShowPony status!!

There is this piece of equipment in the gym that a person has to stand and rest his back on the cushion and his arms on a cushion, grippin' the handles with his feet on the floor....and then a person is to pull his knees up to his chest.
When I mount the feet do not touch the floor!!
I'm danglin' there!!
I'm so freakin' short!!!
I watched the SnobbyBitch do it one day...she can't lift her knees to her chest. She does about 20 but still....she's not touchin' her knees to her chest. She's lucky to get her feet off the floor!!
I watched the YoungSquire do it....and it was sooooo much better than watchin' her....he did it right!
Knees to the chest!!
And he makes a sound....yeah, I pull the ear thingy out just to hear him....Roy is a lucky man!!!

I know that if I'm gonna claim my VSShowPony status I've got to do it like the big boys....and damn it, I will!!
So I'm danglin' there....hopin' my shorts are not in my crack....becuz I know that people behind me can see that...I do the pull ups.

Let me just say that when I first started doin' them, I only did it when Roy and I were the only ones in the gym....I only managed 3!
It's really hard!!!

But I have progressed to 15....take a break and attempt more.

That's right!
I can do 15!!
I went from pantin' hard and near cardiac arrest with 3 to 15!!
I'm so proud of myself.
But in that second attempt for 5 more...and acheivin' my VSShowPony status.....something went awry. I don't know what I pulled but my VSShowPony status is put on hold.

Later that day, I told Roy that I was havin' some serious pain in my side.
He's listens but becuz I always have a serious pain....he just feigns concern.
"More serious than your brain bleedin' head injury?"
I told him all about it....when it happened and where....I left out the why of it.
My vanity is just about as famous as my illnesses with him.

He just grinned. "Maybe, you shouldn't do that for a while."

At least he didn't roll his eyes!!


Billie said...

For Hugh Jackman? Heck I would do anything!

Sadly, anything will have to wait until my cold is gone and I feel like I am not suffocating.

Jane! said...

You go VShowPony! I bet you'll be there in no time.
I tell myself that 45 pounds of baby weight is NOTHING compared to trying to lose 20 pounds of middle age weight. Ugh! Pass me another donut!

Miss Thystle said...

Oh I know the machine you mean and it is EVIL. Good for you for doing 15!

Jeankfl said...

You all are showin' up the rest of us!! I can't do all that! But, for Hugh Jackman, I might try!!LOL I'm coming down with a cold, too..yuk..

MizAngie said...

How did I manage to gain this baby weight when all I did was adopt a college kid?

You're still my Shero for getting into such good shape. What happened between the age of 40 and 50 that is now making losing a few pounds damn-near impossible? Ugh. Frickin' hormones...

The Gaelic Wife said...

I'm new here. MizAngie sent me here. Said she loves reading your blogs. From the sound of it, me too!

Bird said...

What makes me jealous is that a woman who just had a baby has the time to spend three hours a day in the gym. My child is bigger and I still don't have three hours all to myself. More like ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there. Speaking of which, I think I'll go jump on the Gazelle for five minutes.