Monday, December 15, 2008

I Have A Flaw!!

I Know!!!
Don't Laugh!!!

Many years ago, I was standin' in front of the mirror...accessin' the damage of pregnancy....women do that.
Look at themselves in the mirror...wishin' for the body they had.
Wishin' for the body they want.
Hopin' they don't look like their mother!!!!!!!!

And I screamed!!!!!!!

My sister, RubyJune, came to me one day.
She was panicked!!
"Sister!!!! I have Mom's hands!!!!!!!!"

She got no pity from me.

"RubyJune. I have something to tell you. Take a deep breath. Sit down."
"Yes Sister." She was still breathin' heavy.
Havin' a part of your mother's body is very distrubin'....she had her mother's hands!
She was only 20!!

But she got no pity from me.

"RubyJune. I have her legs."
She screamed!!!!!!!

Our mother was sittin' in the room with us.
She was not amused.

But while I was lookin' in the mirror accessin' the damage of pregnancy and horrified that I had my mother's legs. I noticed something flaw.

When I scream over the legs ex-husband, EarlLee came runnin' to check on me. Havin' your mother's body horrible!!!
I was only 20!!!!

"What? Did you cut yourself?"
I explained to him what the problem was....he smirked!
Roy rolls his eyes but EarlLee smirked!!
That was his downfall....that and the fact that he cut my Schnauzer's eyebrows!!
If I coulda put that down for the reason for divorce I woulda.
"Your Honor, he cut Jeffy's eyebrows! And I can not be married to a man that would do that."
Yep I woulda!!
Yet being a lazy ass bastard was enough.

I let the smirk over my mother's legs slide....I had bigger problems!!


Jane! said...

The flaw is what?
I freak at any thought of looking like my mother. I'm sure it's something therapy could cure, but...

Miss Thystle said...

I fail to believe that you have any flaws.

Bird said...

I look just like my mother except she's skinnier. Sad.

Kelly said...

Men should really practice their poker faces.

I look nothing like my mother...she's blond, skinny and 5'8. Bleh.

MizAngie said...

I look like a carbon copy of my mother except for the arms & legs. Sometimes my family will do a double-take with a "Good grief! You looked just like Ma/Mother just then." I act like her, too. It could be worse...