Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey Babe!!

"Did you read 'Dear Abbie'?" Roy was readin' the newspaper.
"I don't read 'Dear Abbie'. She gives people crap advice!"
"No it's not 'Abbie'. It's 'Ask Amy'!"
"Same thing, I don't read it either! She gives people crap advice!"

And they do!!
Come On People!!
Think for yourself!!!
You really know the answer to your question!!

He continued with the story, tellin' me what had happened. Apparently some woman had found her husband's porn stash. And when she trashed it, he of course bought more!
The wife was shocked.
Amy was shocked.
And now the man is headin' to divorce court.

Roy turned to me and said, "You wouldn't do that to me, would you?"
I'm shocked......That he would even ask!!
"Honey, I am your porn!"

So what's your stance??
To Porn or Not To Porn...that is the question!!


Jane! said...

I used to find advice columns interesting. I guess I now have enough drama in my own life.

Seems to me that whatever the 'contraband' is - porn, drugs, shoes... if the person bought it once, they'll buy it again...

Kelly said...

If the man wants porn, he should have porn (as long as everything else in their relationship is okay).

I once called the front desk of a fancy hotel to complain that the adult movie my hubby ordered off the room tv wasn't working properly. I was wife of the year for that. ;)

Billie said...

I don't specifically have an issue with porn. But when the porn gets more interesting than your wife? There is a problem you need to resolve.

Merry Christmas Nadine.

Ace said...

nothing raises, ahem, the spirits like some good nudie talk. I say it's all cool unless there are midgets AND animals involved. Either alone, of course, is fine.

Dawn said...

I'm all for the harm in everyone else said...unless the porn is replacing the wife...have at 'er.