Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Swap!!!

As I came outta the Post Office carryin' my box, Roy had a funny look on his face...sorta like "What the Hell?"
We don't get many packages!!

I handed him the box, "Oh didn't I tell you, I'm part of gift swap thingy?"
He likes to try guess what it was by shakin' it. "It's just peanuts!"
But he was intrigued by a box marked, "Made in Oregon."
"Who do you know in Oregon?"
I have family there!! Come On....doesn't every one???
"Becca. An Internet friend. You wanna open it now??"
It was filled with all sorts of good things from Oregon!!
Yes Becca, You fooled me!!
Let me tell ya, That cheese is the best ever!!
Roy's banned from it.
And the Snappy Jacks have these peas that have a wasbi kick!!
He's banned from those too!!
That is a Jody Coyote necklace...It's so delicate!! I love it!!!
Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts!!
I used that box....with "Made in Oregon" stamped on add to the confusion of my recipient.... to fill with my gifts for my secret swap friend....I hope she's surprised!!!
"What are you doing?" again Roy's confused.
"I'm fillin' this box to ship to Texas. That's where my swap goes."
He instantly saw the humor of the Oregon box.
MzAngie....Love, Hugs, and Christmas Cheer From One Of Your Favorite Okies!!!


Kelly said...

So today is the day to show off our goodies? Yay!

Yum, I want that cheese...

Becca said...

That is too funny! One day I gotta meet that hubby of yours! He sounds like a funny man! I am so glad that I was able to surprise you!

Merry Christmas my friend!

Becca said...

Can you follow me again on Twitter, I don't know what happened. Ugh

The Gaelic Wife said...

How do I get in on this? You gals have all the fun!

Ace said...

happy holidays kiddo!