Friday, December 12, 2008


"What's a groin pull?" I asked Roy.
He rolled his eyes.
Oh like he hears about a new aliment every day....well okay....he does.
But a groin pull that could be bad.
Right? It seems to be a really big deal in sports!!!

"Why?" he had to ask.
"Well I have this hitch in my getalong."
He rolled his eyes....again.
One day, those might just roll outta his head!!!
"And where is this 'hitch' at?"
" hard to say."

We were at Walmart.
It was one of those things I really just wanted to point at....but like all thing crotch related...people notice.
Or boob related....people notice that too.
It's funny though, I never see anyone else's Boob Moments but Roy tells me all the time that when I have a Boob Moment...EVERY ONE IS WATCHING..."Quit that, You're Embarrassin' Me!!" is what I'm told.
I seem to always notice Crotch Moments on men....they are either pickin' their butt or scratchin' their package.
Or worse...their fly is open!
Or the time when LennyC had the rip in his pants!!!

"Welll....uuhhhmmm...Let's just put it this way, I think I sprained my snatch."

You Know!! I had no idea that he could turn so many shades of red!!!
And for a man that can't turn his head around and look at what I want him to see....he can certainly swivel his head around to look for anyone that might have heard what I just said!!

I was already knee deep in this so I waded on in.....

"And I think we should give it a "test drive" later to make sure it's in good workin' order. Don't you think that's the best way to see if I have a groin pull???"

Thank goodness it wasn't!!
Crisis averted!!

For now.


ReRe said...

i thought i'd broke my ya-ya a few weeks ago when i took a spinning class. but luckily it was just bruised and we worked through it :)

Jeankfl said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Only you.. I'm soooo not surprised at your "marilyn" results!! I'll bet he liked the testing part of it, right?LOL Men!!!

Lorrie Veasey said... of information in this blog, isn't there?

MizAngie said...

You nut - you made me snort! Sprained your snatch? hahahaha.... Maybe you need to chill out on those fancy dismounts!

Treatment for groin pull: Rest, ibuprofen. I hear a lot about those in my business. You reallly have to strain to get one. You been doin' splits? Too much weight on a lunge or squat?

It probably is just a hitch in your getalong...or maybe a fart turned sideways.

Jane! said...

Ha! Sprained your snatch, huh?
Thank goodness you didnt break it

Bj in Dallas said...

I would have claimed a groin pull in the past year to GET OUT OF HAVING SEX!!! I think that S & M contraption at your gym caused it, and then a little of the blood from the brain injury settled in there. And the rolling eyes I was told in my previous life with the Ranch Hand was caused by an old frying pan incident, which I said I could probably cure with a NEW frying pan incident. Followed by Cat Food Casserole........

Bj in Dallas said...

oh and BTW

Boomer F#$%ing Sooner!!!

I live in the land of Orange Puke and am the most obnoxious OKIE during football season....then I lay low until a snake...

Kelly said...

I love it that you had this conversation at Walmart! lol

Billie said...

I love, love, love your writing. It makes me smile when I feel like I have nothing to smile about.

Ace said...

I am anxiously awaiting the first time I hear of a sports star being sidelined due to a "strained snatch"!