Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Is My Jelly??

And how come you can't handle it??

My niece sent me a CD with all sorts of butt songs on it. So I loaded it up on my Mp3 and there's this one song....I don't know if it's TCL or wait....Beyonce' is singin' it's Destiny's Child.....Which brings up another question?
Who's Destiny?

But anyway, that woman makin' all those barks and squeaks in the song....the jelly song....hell I can do that!!
Sign me up a record contract!
I can't carry a tune in bucket.
And I might not know what my jelly is....but I can bark and sqeak!!


Gina (Mannyed) said...

hahahahahaha! Too freakin funny.

Bird said...

Omigosh. ONe of my favorite work out songs of all time. Especially that intro. I should send you a CD!

Miss Thystle said...

you are bootylicious, so WORK IT, girl! WORK IT.

Anonymous said...

We got a family full of jelly, and poor me..128 pounds from running around for them.

Same as my boxing weight at 15...ain't I gonna grow any?

They worry for me of course.

And.."Destiny" is a seeress, or "one who determines the future," and a female of course as men thought them fickle and they got the blame for failures also.

[plus they are the ones who wrote her up]

"Lady Luck" is the American version, but seeresses are religious-connected and may be Wiccans...early ones for sure.

But a "date with one??"

Take a chance and say yes...David.