Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Days I Wonder....

Roy was soakin' in the tub, watchin' TV, and yells at me, "I think we should try that new restuarant in Tulsa. Lost Caboose!"
He's not one to drive to Tulsa just to eat, must less try a new place.
And What is he talkin' about Lost Caboose??

"Honey, where is that? There used to be a diner in an old train on 11th. Is that it?"

And then it hit me!!

The ad on TV was for Los Cabos.
Mz Thystle is having a fabulous prize giveaway.....go!!
Tell I sent you!!
Be a sport and play along!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Earlier, it wouldn't take a post..or open even. Hello.

I think advertising works...I mean, the best psychologists we got work in the cereal industry and the other half does food.

Can they fail?

I wrote a series of beer, saki, and milk commercials..afraid to produce them in fact..must be it.


Ace said...

lol, that's a classic, perfect for a post!

MizAngie said...

You're on a roll with your posts! They've been so funny...

So...when are y'all goin' to the Lost Caboose?