Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oh I Remember Now!!!

I have this friend.....and I'll use the word "friend" loosely!
I introduced her to the internet 5 years ago.
I felt sorry for her. Her hubby had done her dirty.
She was a mess.
I thought she would use the internet to keep in touch with me and meet people. After I had made so many friends I really encouraged to do it.
She didn't want to meet strangers thru the "net". The whole idea of talkin' to a total stranger that she couldn't see just really freaked her shit out!!

She didn't try to keep in contact with me....I get an email once about every 8 months.
She is still a mess....strung out on prescription pills.
She has met strangers online...none that she's actually physically met. When I do hear from her she tells me wild tales of online sex and offers of houses and motorcycles from strange couples.
I equate her online beaus as the Carnies of CyberSpace! They are felons and they will not send her any pix of themselves....though she has sent nasty pix of herself!!! To Frickin' Them!!!!

She will not talk to me when I'm online.
She talks to total strangers.
What's up with that???
She will not answer me when I "woo hoo" her to chat....And I think that's rude.
If I had a penis...she'd be all over me!!
She is currently sittin' on her PC beggin' for some one to chat with her.....I'll be damned if I do that!!!
I emailed her the other day to turn her on to Facebook....she needs to meet better people. She never answered it....to say Okay or no I don't want to do that.....anything would be better than freakin' nothing!!!!
That's just friggin' rude!!!!!
And why I didn't remember that was what I wanted to blog about yesterday was becuz I was answerin' my emails!!!!!!

Oh! Oh!!! OOOOOH!!!!!
And all this time I felt sorry for her becuz her husband had dumped for another woman.....she was still bangin' him so that he cheated on his current wife!!!
How twisted is that!!!


ZooKeeper said...

I made the make of turning two different people onto the internet...this was back in the late 90's and I will never do it again! they both turned into internet addicts and did some really stupid shit, on MY computer!

Dawn said...

you're right...it's incredibly rude of her to be off begging strange men to chat when you're right there wondering how she is and what's she's been up to....sometimes friendships suck

Miss Thystle said...

that sucks. Some people are screwed up and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Bird said...

I'm thinkin' you're better off not spending too much time with that particular buddy. Sounds like her priorities are a little twisted.

And really, she's kind of sad needing to be validated in that way.

Gina (Mannyed) said...

yea, bird is right...she is looking for some kinda validation from the male persuasion. Her lose for neglecting a good friend.

Lorrie Veasey said...

that girl is not a friend...she's a FRENEMY.

MizAngie said...

This woman has major issues. Although, I can see the amusement in screwing the ex just to know he's not faithful to the one he left her for. I know, I'm warped. But think about it...from a vindictive point of view. Ha!!

T_B_N said...

So hook me up already.