Friday, November 14, 2008

The Lazy Bunch!!


Ace said...

mmmmmm tasty!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...mine sleeps on my desk seat...whines before he moves when he sees I am about to sit a baby hating to have to get up in fact.

Sometimes I just push him to the back and sit on the front of my chair...and so he squashes up behing me and the back and goes back to sleep.

Of course, I can spin the thing back and forth in [!]urban earthquake manner and yeah...he is wide awake and gone in seconds.

And mad...I can see it on his face.

I use sound effects too of course that would scare anybody.

So is my cat afraid of earthquakes or just me? [it's me].


Miss Thystle said...

what about the other twelve cats? No face time for them?