Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday Blues...

The blues have set into my soul....and I don't see that I'll be gettin' over it anytime soon.
Thanksgiving is comin' up and we're takin' our 3 ring circus to OKC for 2 days...if the weather is good.
I'm hopin' we have a ice storm.
Roy's mom, QueenVictoria, has requested that I bake pies.
She's old and has forgotten about the Pecan Soup.
Go ahead read about'll see!
But Roy?? He knows better!!

But that's not the biggest problem that I have.
Oh no.
Roy has told his mom his worries about his stock portfolio.
And of course the first words outta her mouth is, "Can't Nadine go back to work?"
He didn't tell me this right off....he had to think about it.
Think about how to tell his wife about the conversation without hurtin' her feelin's and keep her from killin' him or his mother.
Tact would be needed.
So what he said was, "If my mother says anything to you about gettin' a job, tell her 'Roy doesn't want me to' and leave it at that."
He went on to say, "I'm happy with the way things are."

Good, huh?
He's learnin'.

We need a code word.
We have a code word for sex.
But we need one for "I've had enough of these people! Take me home!"
Roy suggested "10-47" which means Armed and Dangerous.
He and I tend to talk in TenCodes but I could never come up that one!
So he suggested "Blue 42".
Not one I shout in the dining room. He told me to use that one when we first got together as I was a rather quiet lover. It's funny how a man's ego rides on the noises that his partner makes during sex. My ex-husband was a shy man and wild, unbridled sex was uncalled for....a bad habit I had to get rid of for Roy's ego.
So yellin' "Blue 42" at the dinner table during Thanksgivin' would draw way too much attention!

I suggested "Scooter called and said we left the oven on."
We tease each other all the time about callin' home and gettin' the cat to do somethin' we needed done. That would fit perfectly!

Do you have the blues too??
Do you have codewords??

And apparently sleepin' arrangements vary from couple to couple....just as favorite movies or political opinions.
None are wrong.
Just different.
Something that we do to cope, to live happily, and to get a good night's sleep.

Thanks for all the response.
And to the newbies.... Welcome to my dumbass Okie life!!

Number 500!! Blog 500!!


MizAngie said...

I wish I had a NEED for a code word! Ha. I admit, though, my dogs get the blame for a lot of stuff. "I'd love to come spend the weekend but I don't have a dogsitter." Or, "I'll have to leave early because the dogs are in the house and I have to let 'em out." Ha!! Did you notice I said "dogs"? I think I'm going to keep Nellie the Bulldog. Her "owner" is a selfish prick.

Jeankfl said...

I think you should buy the dang pies.. then tell ol' Vickie that you'll get a job when she does.. Then yell "BLUE 42" and run! LOL
I tell people I'm out of oxygen.. and sometimes, I really am!! Who's gonna argue with that???

Miss Thystle said...

500 blog posts? OMG. I like the Scooter one. YOu could sub in Ralphie for other, um, activities?

Becca said...

I would buy the pies, why deal with the stress. 500 posts? Congrats! Hope that you are having a great day!

Bird said...

No code words at my house. Maybe people wouldn't think I was such a beeotch if we had a couple.

M&Co. said...

If you are coming to OKC on Wednesday, I'd whisper, Lunch Box.

Anonymous said...

You're stuck is what it looks like to me, or you will be hearing about it for a year.

Or..until the next "difficult test" since they "know" for sure.

Old doesn't mean stupid, it means "apparently stupid," and is guaranteed not..more like "cagey trap-artist" and you get irrational demands for the proof that "they must know about this."


And a man tells his mother one thing, his wife another.

Where that intrigue get's fun is when we men tell our wives and mothers what we told the other about what we talked about the last time.

It goes.."Well, so here's what I told her" [mom/wife]..then the tricky part is the next words..don't forget them all either.

It is fun too...strokes from mom and "you-know-what" from the old lady...our game as it were...David.