Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Chimney, Tizzys, And Home Repair...

Roy found a crack in the chimney. And instead repairin' the crack, he tore out the bricks....all the way down....thru the attic....the second story....to the living room!
He did this while I was gone.

It's best.

The first time....was when he ripped down the sheet rock .....and didn't use any sorta dust cover to cover my couch...or TV.
And he met me in the driveway....with a huge blushin' grin and he groveled with apologies!!!
The was 3 inches of dirt on my couch!!!

It was 2 years before I had insulation and sheet rock back up!
The 2nd time was when he ripped out the kitchen floor....remember....I fell thru it and well....he had to fix it.
And now this....Chimney thing. He covered stuff this time.

There was a Tizzy before we went to gym....I have been awake since 1 frickin' 30 and I was cranky!!!
There was a Tizzy when we went to Subway...I was tired of his belly achin'.
There was a Tizzy at Sutherlands....that I was not involved in....those are fun to watch.
There was a Tizzy at Lowes....I don't even know who started it!
No Tizzy at Hobby Lobby....he stayed in the pickup.
There was NO Tizzy at Home Depot.....But the clerk that helped us....was so hot!!!

Damn!!! Totally a Peyton Manning in a Home Depot vest!!!

At Atwood's....there was jubilation and an 'I told you so' becuz I was right....he finally saw it!!!
Stop for some Salad at the Olive Garden....to help his dispostion....it was that or I was gonna whup him with a 2x4!!

A return trip to Sutherland's becuz he thought he liked their product better and he wasn't gonna take any lip from that snippy clerk!!
I handled her. She didn't buck me.

But upon closer inspection without hostility he saw that what they had was crap....we don't do crap.
Another trip to Lowe's and $800 later we had what he wanted to fix my chimney.

It's supposed to rain.


Bird said...

Hey, at least he tries to fix stuff. My front door handle has been broken for a few days shy of forever and the Hubby staunchly refuses to have anything to do with it. It's going to be a big pain in the hiney, so he's just ignoring it. Le sigh.

I'm totally jealous that you went to Hobby Lobby. My Monday trip was foiled and I'm been jonesin' to go ever since.

Miss Thystle said...

I agree with Bird, just be glad he's fixin' stuff. My toilet has run constantly since, um, 1999? and despite having a brand new toilet in the garage and a BFF that's a plumber, it's yet to be fixed!

Jane! said...

Don't fight it... it's something on the Y chromosome and you can't wash it off or cover it with common sense.

Ace said...

Is Peyton Manning really hot? I've always thought he looks way too much like Sam the Eagle to be attractive to you ladies but I guess not. Sam was a pretty cool muppet though...

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what made one man sexy and another one not?...one is your husband?

So yes, tearing everything out or building in entirely new assemblies or even new structures live is my own chosen hobby..war-training for a profession if you will.

Nothing like my specialty too...kitchens and baths or sleeping quarters conversions...like a back porch with their kid waiting for a spot to lay their weary head...outside.

The weary kid can be up to 50 years old by the way...and gosh..no wife left?

One should not leave their wife until they can build their own room..the man I mean.

He must have been a McCain supporter...the grumpy guys I see everywhere here yesterday are just like that.

Nobody else will listen but the wife?


Dawn said...

I'll have to post some pictures of Brett's cottage reno's....I just shake my head...will the maddness ever stop.

MizAngie said...

Not just rain, Nadine...COLD RAIN.

Good luck!