Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buy The Pies??

Oh No!
I'm gonna bake them damn pies!!

I might just burn the house down!!

That would be a good thing!!
Trust me!!

One of these days, I'm gonna take the time to tell you all about the goin's on with the BeeHiveLadies...But it's still unfoldin'.


MizAngie said...

Oh, shit, Nadine. Can I suggest icebox lemon, nocook pumpkin cheesecake, and nobake chocolate?

Billie said...

Although it sounds as if the pies might be torture... based on stories of your cruise... it seems insignificant next to actually spending time with QueenVictoria.

I have to admit that pies like pecan are pretty difficult so the fact that you pulled it off at all the one year is an amazing feat. You can do it!

Jane! said...

Don't you all have Marie Callendar's frozen pies down there? You can technically still 'bake' them without having to make them.

But... good luck!

Miss Thystle said...

I'm with Jane. Buy the pie premade and then cook it up. Easy as pie. Oh, yes, I went there.

Big Dog Mom Pam said...

I buy the pies because I'm not a domestic goddess. If they don't like it, they don't have to eat it. And hopefully they won't ask me to bring pies again! But this year dinner's at my house. Maybe if they don't like it they won't come back. Yes, I'm dreading Thanksgiving this year.