Monday, November 03, 2008

Blog Clog....

You know when I sat down here I had oodles of things running thru my brain but now.....nothing.
I have formed some the BEST BLOGS in the middle of the night. Sit down here.....nothing!
While walkin' on the treadmill....the thoughts just flow. As I sit here with my fingers on the keys...nothing!

And I think it will help to keep typing!!!

I'll be back when "Prepared."

And one last thing...Be Sure to Vote!!!


Anonymous said...

I normally think of the Boy Scouts for "be prepared" if that helps to jog your thoughts?

And if you forget to vote here, it's because you are very resistant and have to lie for two weeks about how "yes, I voted" etc.

I can only say I once wrote about my new one and what all it does.

Yes...was high....DW.

Jane! said...

I think it Murphy's Blog Law... the greatness of your blog idea is proportional to how able you are to put it in writing.

Bird said...

I agree with Murphy's blog law. I think of some pretty good stuff when I'm falling asleep and in the morning I've got nothing.

Vickie said...

Tell me about it.

I live in my own little world. It's okay they know me there.

MizAngie said...

Me, too! Sometimes I jot down notes when I think of something I want to blog later. Now, if I could only find the frickin' notes!!!

Jeankfl said...

I write the BEST blogs when I'm in the other room.. either getting up or going to bed, or in the shower!!!!! Then... zip... when I get to the machine!! I really have great blogs.. they're just all out there in the ether!!LOL