Saturday, November 08, 2008

And While We're Talkin' About Sleeping Together...

Do your parents or grandparents sleep together??

Don't laugh!
Think about it....not sexually...but literally....sleepin'.

Along life's journey, I was given great pearls of wisdom.
Words to live by....I'll share some with you.

From my grandpa I learned to sit still and observe...I would learn a whole lot more about life.
He also told me that Children should speak when spoken to....I was a shy quiet child.

I got over that.

When I was born I had 8 grandmothers and 3 grandpas....meanin' there were 3 full couples but only 1 that slept together. I thought it was perfectly normal that once you got old, you got your own bed.
Something that I had looked forward to, becuz for as long as I can remember....which is about 4....I shared a bed with someone.

How far back can you remember??
I don't remember my mother wreckin' when I was 6 months old. That was back in the days when you just laid the baby in the seat.....Momma went in the ditch and I went into the floorboard justa squawlin' I'm told.
I remember makin' gingerbread cookies with her.
I remember her talkin' to her mother on the phone and passin' out and my grandmother screamin' at her thru the phone mother had problems with seizures.
I remember sittin' in the floor cryin' as my grandmother came haulin' ass thru the door to help my momma.
I remember plannin' for my baby sister....that turned out to be a boy. I was 3 1/2! I was traumatized!!
That was when I learned you don't always get what you matter who your daddy is! And my daddy, hung the moon!

When my Granny got chicks in the mail and 3 were dead. It upset me greatly. That was when I learned about death....though I didn't apply it to dogs or people. That, I would learn later the hard way.

I learned from a very early age that it was okay to be nekked.
But I was very confused that Granny and Gramps didn't run around their house I asked why.
I learned several things from that!
Modesty....That a lady should always wear underwear....from my Granny.
Power...That my Granny had a lot of stroke over what went on our home....becuz the nekkedness came to an end!
And most importantly, That I shouldn't tell my Granny everything....that's what my Momma said!

So the question of why some of my grandparents didn't sleep in the same room, I kept to myself. I just observed.
Over the years I have come up with different theories.
Whether it be that one snored, a method birth control, or they got too big to sleep in the same bed, or if there was an actual martial problem that caused a split in the sleepin' arrangments...I just didn't know.

Once my Granny, she's my Daddy's momma....I'm very close to her.....she asked me about my momma's parents....If they slept in the same bed.
They did not.
She just she knew a secret.

By the way, ice cream and Pepsi....go along way.
And Granny won every time!

So did your parents or grandparents sleep in the bed??


Anonymous said...

Okay...mine died drunk coming home from a dance they played and sang for, and went off a three-hundred foot cliff into the river below.

But, with 16 kids, I think they slept together more than at home for sure.

But me? A great grandpa?

Okay again...I have lived alone for 30 and slept with no one...but had a girlfriend [old lady and kids] and got them their own house and life and dreams for them.

So as "not sleeping together" the only reason we didn't have 16 more kids was because they couldn't get pregnant...none of them for strange fact...and how many?

Don't tell your grandma...but ten in the last 30 years and one for ten years alone...two kids and more fun than a family full of monkeys.

Point: The smile is about a secret thing.


M&Co. said...

Mine did. which I never understood because they never actually seemed to like one another.

Jeankfl said...

All mine did, and/or do. Mom talks a lot about getting different beds, due to dad's "fidgeting".. but they never do..LOL I think after 63 years, they wouldn't know how to sleep alone!

MizAngie said...

My parents slept together until they were older. Daddy liked to go to bed early, Mother was a nightowl. I'm not sure, but I don't think Daddy could get it up anymore because of illness and medication. I did tell them one time that I didn't think it was right for them to sleep in different bedrooms but they told me in no uncertain terms that they had a blast runnin' up and down the hall nekkid to each others' rooms. I didn't bring it up again. Shortly after that Daddy became really ill and had a hospital bed. It was sad.

Jane! said...

Both of my sets of gradparents slept together in the winter, but my favorite gram slept on the porch in the summer because she loved the fresh air.
My parents have always mostly slept together - my mom has allergies and sometimes spends the night in her recliner. My dad has always snored unbelievably loud and my mom is a light sleeper so I've never really understood how that worked.

Bird said...

Well, my parents sleep in the same bed, and as far as I know so did both sets of grandparents. But that was a long time ago,so don't hold me to it.

Sometimes I sleep on the couch because Hubby's snoring or whatever. We have another bed, but I much prefer the couch.

MizAngie said...

You're such a heifer! I could hear you singin' "Boomer Sooners" all the way down here!! I was a Texas Tech fan yesterday. And LSU fan. And whoever Georgia barely beat fan. And Iowa fan. Ha!! Except for Tech I was definitely for the underdogs all day. Knowin' my Fightin' Texas Aggies are rebuilding sure won't help my Thanksgiving when Texas gets revenge for the ass-whoopin' we gave 'em last year that ruined their BCS standing. Ugh.

Vickie said...

I did not have complete sets of grandparents. I always thought all married people slept together. Now that I have been married for almost 20 years, I can see why not all married people would sleep together.

Beth said...

Hey sorry its been so long since i have been here , its been so busy around here i cant even think lately. HOpe you had a wonderful weekend. i am going to try to make a post tomorrow or the next day !!

Miss Thystle said...

Mine did up until my grandpa's each got sick. My folks still sleep together. And they're super smarmy about it.

tracy said...

I've been a lurker but figured I'd comment on this one. I'm not sure about my Grandparents...both my Grandpa's died when I was pretty young.

But for as long as I can remember, my parents have slept in separate beds/rooms (I am 30, they are now 65, married 43 yrs). It's always been a joke in our family but I know when I tell other people about it, they find it very odd!!

Proto said...

always and forever, 'til one of them passed on.

Proto said...

And yes, I have seen Rounders and bought the DVD I like it so much.