Friday, October 17, 2008

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love The Gym...

3 reason why I hate the gym was just too easy!!
1) I sweat!
2) There are smelly men!
3) I have to shave my legs.....more than usual.

But the Top 3 Reasons Why I Love The Gym....

1) I am shapin' up quite nicely.....but no where near that golden number of 122. Shapin' up nicely, becuz I sweat. Everyone sweats at the gym! It's okay.
Not at all like in Church....where I sweat like the proverbial whore!
That's me.... the harlot in the red bra!

2) There are some hot guys....and they know Roy!!
Cha Ching!!!
But alas....they know the rules...."Wives are left alone. PERIOD."
Though I have met one.....professionally. It stings a bit when I get the "Slow your HappyAss down" Speech from some other cop!
But Damn!!!! Young Squire, is fine!
I don't see how MzAngie does it....workin' with all those men!
I would have to take a cold shower before work.....go home and take another at lunch.
And Katie bar the door....after work...I'd have to spend some quality time with Japanese Boyfriend!

But me and Roy's friends....we smile at each other from across the room....if only Young Squire would get smell him.....and I hope I didn't forget to shave legs that day.

And as I'm pedalin' away and day dreamin' about Young Squire in my his speedo....and he would look fine in it.....listenin' to "Boogie Back To Texas".....Hey! A girl's gotta some sorta swing in her life!!!
I'm mindin' my own business, when I catch a whiff of that smelly old man!!
Oh crap!!
Ben Gay and sweat....sometimes coffee mingled gross!!
SmellyMan... makes think of that SocklessMan that followed me around Walmart!!
Roy says that the smelly old man just wants to talk to me....gross!
SmellyMan apparently doesn't care if I shave my legs or not!
Seriously, he just wants to ask me about something related to the news and politics!
Do I look like I know anything about the news or politics????

I'm polite.
I chat.
Anyway....If it was Young Squire.....oooohhhh Baby!!

3) There are no cute chicks!!
I don't think I need elaborate on that one!


Cindy R said...

I don't go to the gym because of people like smelly old man! Well....that's really not the reason...I'm just lazy! Good for you though!And I agree with you about MizAngie...DAMN!
Have a wonderful weekend girl!

Dawn said...

I'm a little behind....
as soon as Brett left I went and bought a hair dye....I'll be a different colour in no time.

MizAngie said...

I never said it was easy. I'd be up shit creek without a paddle if I weren't an old, gray-haired woman with a big butt. I did have one young man offer to help me get my groove back...he's in the NFL now. Pride made me say that if I ever LOST my groove I'd give him a call. Damn pride! hahahahhha....

Mannyed said...

I'm trying to think of three reason why i would love the gym if i actually went, and i can't. i tuly can not!

diane said...

I hate the gym. They did just open one in my neighbourhood that I'm thinking of joining, though. It's for 50+ people and it's loaded with the proper medical type of gym equipment. I just have to find a way to come up with $55 a
You go to church????!!!!!
Big Squishy Hugs,

Sherrie said...

I love the gym when I'm slim and fit, but now that I'm fluffy and falling apart I can't seem to get up the nerve to go! I even bought a punch card and have only used it twice! Now if I thought there were nice smelling young men to ogle I'd be there in a heartbeat!