Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tomatoes, Peppers, and Basil...

That's all I have left!
And the weather is turnin' colder! I have been threatened with freezin' temps!!
I was hopin' to have them until November but the weather rules the garden.
The tomatoes are romas and they are the best, most durable tomato. The beefsteak are only good the first growth. If the rain is good, I might get more. The romas are constant for me. Roy puts them in the ground with mushroom compost and I add a basil plant. I think they grow better...bigger.

Roy doesn't get the basil plant...."Just go with it."
It smells so good to pick them. And I have it for Italian Salsa! I will add it instead of good!!
This time of year, pickin' tomatoes.... it's like huntin' Easter eggs!!
90% of the tomatoes in that box were picked up off the ground!
Sweet bell cages.

The Pepper plants have had the hardest life this year. I bought 6 plants. Roy planted them. About 1 week later, something ate them all to the ground.

I was headed to town to buy some more when Roy said to go look in the garden. There they were startin' to regrow!! I was so thankful. I have the hardest time with peppers becuz they are never marked right! The longer into the season you wait to buy, the more the markers in the store gets mixed up.

gypsy peppers...I love these....some are yellow, some are orange and some are red.

Then the hail storm beat the whole garden to the ground but the tomatoes. We put them cages so they had support.
Italian Gourmet....I love these. Not hot at all, sweet like a bell. Roy didn't put this one in a cage so the weight of the peppers keep it on the the sand!

The hailstorm hit those peppers....wiped out again!!
Roy gave up on the garden all together so I wasn't about to buy more seeds or plants. Just forget it.

But when the peppers started to bloom....They exploded!!!
Garden Salsa....these are hot! A long lasting heat!!

They are loaded with peppers!!! I'm thinkin' about just pullin' the whole plant up and dryin' it out as is.

The hot peppers that I really like is this one....
but I have no idea what the name is? I told Roy to put the marker in the ground with them but they had such a hard was lost!
This pepper is hot but it doesn't last long. It's hard to describe...I can eat it raw but it doesn't burn like jalapenos or cayenne.
It smokes well too. I use this one more for fresh salsa and on sandwiches.....totally fabulous on grilled cheese!! It perks up fat free cheese.
I should save the seeds of those.


Jane! said...

Yesterday your comment thing was broken... now I can't remember what I was going to say except that I think we live in paralell worlds - the tomatoes, the peppers the hail! Except I think all our stuff finally froze the night before last. Haven't had the heart to go peek in the garden.

Sherrie said...

Mmmmm I love all those different colour peppers. Ever since I discovered them I put them in all kinds of things.