Friday, October 24, 2008

Shoe Shopping....

With's like havin' Wisdom Teeth Pulled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While huntin', his feet get brick of ice!
He didn't know about Wool Socks!
He was in the Marine Corps and he didn't know about Wool Socks.
"Duh!!! Vietnam!!!", He said.
I've been married to him for like...... Ever!!!!!
And he didn't know about Wool Socks!!!!
I bought him wool socks!!!
Becuz I'm a good wife!!!!!!!!
But before I buy him the socks....he tried on boots.....something like 5 pair of boots.
Do you have any idea what it's like sittin' in Academy....a store that sells deer urine....while your husband tries on boots???
5 Pair???????
Sheer torture!!!
I think I'd rather take it up the ass than go boot shoppin' with him!!
Okay.... not.
Not with all the Tequila I can consume would I take it up the ass.
Not even dead.
But Boot Shoppin'.....a close second!!!!!!!
As I walked out the door with HIS NEW BOOTS....made in China......He tells the clerk, "We only came in here for a $20 pair."
I spent $288.12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found a pair of KennethCole TJMaxx.....made in Italy....of the softest leather....ever.....that I DID NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Frickin' Christmas....Again!!!!!
PS: The comment section took a break should work today.
PPS: Maybe not!!!!!!
Hugs and have a great weekend!!


Nadine Hightower said...

test run.....whew!

ZooKeeper said...

Are you two wearing matching jeans? Lol. They are the same color. Just an observation. I have been there with the boot shopping. J has a habit of trying on a ton of them then deciding he isn't ready to buy them. Ugh. Last year for Christmas I bought them for him, the ones he liked most. I had to remember the size and brand and style for 2 months and I got them. The exact ones he wanted, in the right size....and they didn't fit! So we had to go back so he could try on a ton more pairs! Ugh!

Jane! said...

I won't even GO shopping for huntin' things with the husband. My fashion sense is totally wasted at the places he shops.
Looks like he made a swell choice, though.

Anonymous said...

Funny funny...and two things.

Vietnam never drops below 70 degrees and averages ninety and has hot rains even.

No wool socks need there, and the only thing you don't go barefooted.

On the other thing, don't try prison or get a weird accident?


MizAngie said...

Your garden is fabulous! I can't believe you have maters this late. Mine burned up months ago. I LOVE ACADEMY, but...CHINESE BOOTS???? Sounds kinda blasphemous.

Lorrie Veasey said...

LOL. I am with you on both the butt sex and the boot shopping.

Thanks Gawd i married a staunch Episcopalian who never asks for either.

But still I know your pain. In my world it's called "Does this shirt make me look fat."

Sherrie said...

No really........tell us how you REALLY feel about anal sex lol. You crack me up.

So my puter is a piece of poop and I've started using hubby's, that is when I can get on it. I'm going to have to make a folder for myself and put your blog in it, like a fav's folder. Cause I really get lost on this puter.

......deer urine......ew!


Anonymous said...

Ps..a tactic for the hubby>

With two hunters soaked in deer urine on the upper ridges in place and waiting, the third one rubs fresh bear poop on their pants and on their boots for stinky foot prints, and he goes up the draw below them after they are positioned.

The deer and elk, and even wolf packs, will move out from in front of the "flusher guy" coming up.

No California "sound shots" either if you please...could be your guy...David.

Bird said...

This is such a funny post! I had to convice my husband that they make thin enough cotton socks He was wearing these polyester tings and we were all suffering with the stink.

I want a new pair of boots, but like you. . . I have x-mas presents to buy right now.

I usually have my sound off, but I like this song you've got on today.

Mannyed said...

How do these things happen. We think about our purchases bc we don't want to hear smack from the hsubands and they in turn by top of the line [insert top of the line item here] without a second thought. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Popping in to see how it's going, LOL I'm with you on the butt sex ain't happen!!! the garden pic's look great love home grown veggies. Hope Roy enjoys those new boots, your turn now! Have a great Halloween, and TTYL