Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Road Trip Nightmare.....

So Roy and I went on a road trip. We stopped along the way at a diner for a bite to eat....it was a beautiful area in the middle of Nowhere, USA. When we do a Road Trip it's to Nowhere.
Across the road was a garage that had old rebuilt customized cars out front. One of the was beautiful Orange 34 Ford with a huge chrome motor out front and huge tires in the back.
Why didn't I have my camera with me??
I always have it!!
Not this trip!!
As we were standin' there lookin' at the cars, a guy comes up and gets in the Orange Ford. He starts it up and takes off like a shot! He's cuttin' donuts and havin' a great time! Gravel flyin', smokin' tires and loud motor growlin'!!
Why didn't I have my camera??
When he was done, he parked the car in a different spot.....hopped out with a huge opossum eatin' shit grin.
That musta been a great feelin'.... To have all that power in your hands.

And then everything went to Hell.

That beautiful car started to roll backwards! Panic was all over his face now. Roy ran to help him stop the car.
There was a deep ravine behind the car. There was no stoppin' it. It just kept rollin'. That beautiful Orange Car didn't stop until it hit the top of a dam at the bottom of the ravine.
We all just stood there lookin' at it.
People scrambled from everywhere.
They had to get it out of there!
The dam opened it up and dashed all our hopes of gettin' that car back in one piece. The Water pushed it and the car went on over the edge and was gone.
The ground started to shake.
It was the weirdest frickin' thing ever. It was all happenin' at once.
I stepped backwards to keep from goin' down the ravine like the car only to step into a deep crack.
I started screaming for Roy!!
I couldn't move my legs!!
He grabbed my arms and pulled me to safety!!

And then I woke up!!

I have been wonderin' all mornin' long, what the hell that was all about????


Billie said...

Ok... you had me going... I thought it was for real!

As to meaning? You got me there...I can't even figure out the meaning of my life let alone someone else's dream.

ZooKeeper said...

I also thought it was real! Guess we know why you didn't have your camera then! lol

Jane! said...

I was thinking you and Roy had been drinking... not sleeping.

Sounds like the kind of thing that goes through my head most nights. If only my life were as exciting as my dreams. Or maybe not.

Miss Thystle said...

In my professional opinion, it means that subconsiously, you're concerned that you're too busy watching shiny things go by and not paying attention to the foundation of your life. Alternately, you're concerned that turmoil around you will boil over into your own life.

I just made that up, but it totally sounds good, right?

Diane said...

Sheeet....you scared the friggen crap outta me till I got to the end....lol...ya big poop!!
Hang on...I'm going to look it up. I'll look up orange first, because, believe it or not, we dream in black and white and to distinctly remember a specific colour usually means something. Okay, got it: Orange suggests that an expected change in your situation will be delayed. An accident in a dream forcasts the recovery of something lost. Any sort of *falling* in a dream is very common, because we all have our own individual inadequacies. All I could find was: to fall and get back up again means you will overcome the obstacles in your path.
So, that about sums it up. You need to get yourself a "Dream Dictionary"....and keep a pen and paper by your bed, because you have a lot of dreams and some dreams can be quite prophetic.
You might be worried right now about your cholesterol, but don't fret. Most of the time they can manage it with diet, but if they can't, they have lots of meds that do a wonderful job controlling it.
Love Ya Bunchies,

JW said...

Wooo girl. Whatever you ate for dinner that night - do NOT eat it, again! That was just creepy.

Becca said...

Maybe it means that your next roadtrip needs to be a plane trip and bring your camera and squeeze yourself into one of my suitcases and come to Hawaii with me!