Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Been Confirmed!!

Roy is fit as a fiddle!

The local tribe had a fitness clinic this last flu for the kids...and free stuff from some of the local groups. I came home with pencils, toys for the cats, and pamphlets on all sorts of things.
I had the opportunity to wear the beer goggles and drive the golf cart....I was first in line!
But I was the only adult in a long line of CHILDREN!!
Roy made me leave.
All the kids cheered.
It's not like I outran them or wrestled them to the ground or anything!

So anyway.....

When I was in line with the old people for my free blood pressure check....Roy felt better that I was in that line....he flirted with the old ladies. One of them has made a date with him to be taught how to use her gun.

My blood pressure was resting heart rate was too high. I'm like a humming bird.
And that was the only good news for me!
I had my body mass index done. I was very happy to know that I have not shrunk in fact I grew!
I was so happy!!
I finally made it to 5 foot!!! It's I life long be 5 foot!
And to touch the foot of the Tom Landry statue at Texas Stadium.

Woo Hoo!! 5 foot!!
Let the pigeons fly!!!

And then Roy said, "That's not right! I measured 5' 11" and you know I'm not!"
Gather back up the pigeons.

That scale thingy measurer doodad was not worked properly by the TechChick.
So it makes me wonder about the rest.
Should I really weigh 122??
Keep in mind that I'm 4 foot 11".
And I swear she said I needed to drink 30.5 liters of water!
Roy said, "No, No, no. Do you know how much water that is??"
Numbers do not register with me....I'm glad I quit takin' accountin' classes becuz seriously folks numbers do not make sense. I have that slight dyslexia problem, you know.
He continued, "That's how much water is in your body, you twit!"


But 122???
I haven't been 122 in 20 years!!!
In high school I was so thin, I wore a size 0! And weighed something like 95 pounds.
Remember those ABC AfterSchool Specials? They were neat little shows about drugs, teen pregnancy and eatin' disorders. It was in the same week that the special about anorexia was aired that two boys that I had known since kinnygarden staged an intervention with me in the library. My friend, ThePrincess was with me and cracked up laughin'! "Are you kiddin' me? She eats all of her meal and half of mine at lunch! She's not anorexic!"
Their heart was in the right place.

But that's not the really bad news that I got from the free total cholesterol is 229!!
That's bad!!!
I'll have it redone in December when I go in for my yearlies...until then it's oatmeal every morning.

And Roy's was perfect!
He's hit his goal weight.
His blood pressure is good.
His glucose is good.
And his cholesterol is perfect!
Fit as a fiddle!

And he has a date....with a BeeHiveLady!


Jane! said...

Wow, you are one foot shorter than I am... I'm not going to get into how much more I weigh. ;o)
I don't know who made all those rules about cholesterol and stuff... it really sucks the fun out of life, doesn't it?
Personally, I would like to see a Hershey's Kiss and margarita diet. That one, I could stick to.

Miss Thystle said...

Roy is SUCH a show off!

M&Co. said...

Ask your doctor about taking niacin for your cholesterol. It's way cheaper than those cholesterol lowering drugs and the flush is kinda kewl.

Jeankfl said...

Niacin is kewl.. and good for the old cholesterol.. mine hasn't ever been higher than 186! Don't know why.. just blessed! Everything else healthwise is in the crapper, but the cholesterol is fine!! LOL! I don't believe it.. finally someone my mom is taller than! By about an inch!! Course I'm only 5'3".. so it's not like I'm a giant! Well, hight wise, anyway..hehe. I agree with jane.. I'd like a Kisses and Margarita diet.. I bet we could do that one..

Bird said...

I'd much rather drive with beer goggles then talk to some chickie about my BMI. And I don't even drink beer.