Thursday, October 02, 2008

Is It Wrong?

I burst into tears...almost every time.
When Roy refers to being fact tears are on edge now.
I do not want him to be 60.
He won't be for 2 years.
Okay, I'll go away....again.
I'm a mess.


MizAngie said...

Why? Sixty is the new fifty. Sixty is hot. Sixty is nine away from sixty-nine. Sixty is eleven away from seventy-one (sixty-nine with two more inches). Sixty sounds like sexy when you're drunk and slurring your words. Relax - sixty year old penises work just fine. (Don't ask me how I know...)

Billie said...

And that just gave me the thought of my parents... ok... lets not go there.

I am agreeing with mizangie... 60 is not so old anymore. My best friend is the same age as my Mom... 60... and she doesn't seem old and neither does her husband.

Ok... neither does my mom... but we still aren't going there

ZooKeeper said...

i nominated you back!

miz angie is the best! u are lucky to have her here straightening you out!

Sherrie said...