Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Have Got To This Out.....

Am I the only person on the face of the earth that didn't like the latest Batman movie??
I bought into all the hype about it.....Not just to see Heath Ledger. I thought he was good.....especially in the nurses outfit....I'm quirky that way.

It's supposed to be good.
Critics love it!!!

But the movie as a whole....I didn't like it.

Do you remember when the Joker threw that woman...I'll never remember her name...the love interest.....out the window and Batman went out the window after her???
Remember that??
Bruce Wayne was throwin' a fundraiser in the penthouse for Harvey Dent???
Well, the Joker crashed the party and threw that woman out the window and Batman went out the window after her.....fallin' many stories to the land on the top of cab....saved from death yet again.
The whole time that was goin' on....my brain was still in the penthouse....where the Joker was with all the party guest!!!
He's the frickin' Joker!!!
And he was left alone with those people in the penthouse!!!
Come on!!!
He would have been throwin' more people out the window!!!
But no!!
They cut away to another scene....That has nothing to do with the party in the penthouse.
What?? The Joker just said, "Okay men let's bounce up outta here."
He's a psychopath!! That would have been a total massacre!!

I was so hung up on that....I couldn't focus on the rest of the movie.

And breakin' the BatLight.....I'll never watch another one.

Sorry, I've had that rattlin' around in my head for months....I had to get it out.

I feel better.


Jane! said...

I'm pretty sure that the Joker has no evil powers at all unless both Batman and the movie camera are watching him. Duh!

Miss Thystle said...

no kidding in your head for months. That movie was out in what, August?

Proto said...

attorney girl and I would have walked out on it, but it was only our second movie together. Filmed well, acted well, scripted horribly. The plot in the last forty five minutes sucked big wind.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...I gave it a "three thumbs down" and over the same kind of reasoning...it had no reason.

And yes, what fun I have these days, and the poor pollster kid is one of those serious ones that wouldn't know a popular joke even if it were explained to him....poor guy.

True though that I write more than anyone I know...butthen,I intend to be all I can be going in like all of my endeavors.

One thing I'm hoping to capitalize on in my future is the reality of my unusual backgroud.

I'll say that it's unbelieveable even to me.

Having met all of our 13,000 politicans here [while working there], the "wanna-be's" are the most serious.

Too bad they are not told about what's actually going on, or they've either formed a chuckle and a sense of humor by then, or more likely flat dropped out in horror and silent resolve..one of those two is about all too..

I resigned at noon with no explaination after three years myself.

I tend towards McCain also as more reasonable, but told Deborah I'd vote for Obama having switched from voting for Hillary per previous promise.

I could care less myself as we are virtually recession-proof in Idaho, and I imagine Oklahoma is fairing well too.

In fact...mostly, it's only the rich are figeting..not us poor guys.

But I have as much fun as I can you know, however, I never lose sight of the main reality....?

That is that I only get to take this trip once, and hey..this is it.

Looks like you been having fun too reading on back.

Roy is a bit of a control freak? [jk]

Good going on your health club..I haven't even been once to mine, and I paid for it...sad puppy for sure.

But I lift or put in place some tens of thousands of pounds per week of material and tools.

That's enough physical, so only going [soon]for the cleansing sweats.

Ps...continuous sweats and water-flushing takes away "all" body odors in thirty days..wow..no salt in the sweat or any color either.

Clear flows slowly cleans it all out until even the lungs or breath doesn't have a smell.

A by-product of course, and melting out hydrocarbons and flushing them is my own goal...soon that is.

[and quit smoking?..omg!]

But yes on the writing too...and you too kid...nice blogs and I can kill batman myself he's so stupid.

First, I'd locate the batcave with a planted GPS beeper...

Or would that be the writers that are stupid?

I "re-write" them as I see them..movies I mean.


Sherrie said...

I haven't seen it yet, and I've always been a huge Batman fan. I'll have to check it out for sure now, see what I think of it.