Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Cat's Outta The Bag!!

HappyWife called me to tell me about what happened after we went to the DonkeyTonk. I was worried that she took all kinds of flack for it. Him sittin' across the table from me in a huff, I knew she would!
HappyHusband was miffed that she bullied him in to goin'...It's his place to make decisions... he's an ass!
And then she said, "Roy told him that you didn't like him very much."


Now this bothers me to some degree....actually a lot!!
I don't want to offend her or lose her friendship for any reason.
But Holy Shit!!
Roy said it!!
I can't say he's a liar!!
So I fessed up. "No I don't. He acts like a baby about everything."

She just giggled.


Next up for killin'....Roy!
"Honey, you told HappyHusband that I didn't like him??!"
"Yes I did."
"He said, 'Your wife doesn't like me very much does she?' and I told him that you didn't. 'She says I don't like strong women, so it's sorta like that.' "

Oh shit!

So now HappyHusband thinks I don't like him becuz he's a strong man....That's even worse!


Miss Thystle said...

feel free to correct him and tell him that you don't like him because he's an ASS.

Jane! said...

Hehe! Think of all the extra calories that you'll burn wringing your hands over this one!
I think perhaps Vlad put Roy up to this...

Becca said...

What an egotistical SOB! He needs a clue x 4 or something! Good grief! Don't even entertain his stupid schoolyard bully antics! You know he has to be compensating for something he is lacking! I'm just sayin....

Bird said...

It's best to just get it out there. Now she can call you whenever he's pissing you off. I don't like my friend's husband, but he started it!!!

Bird said...

And about the games this weekend. . . ours was bad too!

ZooKeeper said...

Ugh! Men!

MizAngie said...

He obviously doesn't understand that "strong man" is woman-code for stubborn muthafucka. MUCH different from "strong sexy man." (You know, like Roy.)I'd bet money that HappyHusband has a TINY TINY penis.

Lorrie Veasey said...

Are you sure you don't have a super secret crush on him? Go on-you can tell the truth--you loves him, don't you? And Roy was just making sure nothing would ever come of your forbidden longing.

At least that's how this whole thing plays out on Guiding Light.