Thursday, October 09, 2008

Catch Up!

Oct 1, Roy went to the woods loaded for bear...well deer anyway.... and it was with his crossbow....shoulder injury.... he uses a crossbow.
He came home empty handed.
And Pissed off.
And has been belly achin' about cows being under his stand.

I've had him to town at least 6 times...he's missed lots of huntin'!! I took pity on him and bought him a smoker.
He's happy.
And I get to eat real food....though I have lost 15 pounds.
10 more would be super...15 would awesome.
Roy has lost thirty frickin' five pounds!

He's been gettin' his black powder gun ready to go and workin' on his boyfriend's gun. I think that season opens in 2 weeks.

OU is Number One in polls for College Football!!
And they are Number One at being Number cool.
They keep stats for every thing.
OU's first big challenge is this weekend...Texas at the CottonBowl for the Red River ShootOut. They changed the name of that to Rivalry...but I just can't say Red River Rivalry.
It comes out Red River Rye-ver-ree...whatever!

Have a great weekend all!


Grandmother Witch said...

Honestly, you really should be writing a column for a News Paper. Some of your material is awesome. You could call it "Legally Blonde" and write under the name of Elle Woods. I swear and I mean that as a sincer compliment. Great news about the weight loss, I wish I could lose. I have to take off about 60.

Miss Thystle said...

Boys always loose faster. Roy's only lost, like 3.5lbs of girl weight. So you're totally kickin' his ass!

Jane! said...

WAIT!!! How are you losing this weight? From taking him to town?
I'm so confused.

But that is one genuine smokin'... ah, smoker!

bigdogmompam said...

I thought about you when I saw the Texas - Oklahoma game on the ESPN schedule for this weekend. I'm rooting for Oklahoma. Coz Texas always kicks Ohio State's butt. Congrats on the weight loss. How're you doing it?

Sherrie said...

You only lost that much cause that's all you needed, considering you're perfect just the way you are!

Now me on the other hand could stand to lose about 30.......however apparently sitting on my bum isn't working hehe.

We leave tomorrow evening for vegas, wish you lived there would be great to meet up!