Thursday, October 16, 2008

Altercation on Aisle 9!

So I was standin' in the hair color aisle at WalMart when Bad To Bone started playin'.

"Bbbbad, bbbbab to the Bone" I dug out my cell phone. That's Roy's ringtone.
"Where are you?"
"On the Hair Color Aisle."

From somewhere deep in the Lawn and Garden section...and on my phone, "NNNOOOooo!"

And before I could spit out the word, "But!" I could hear him comin'!!
He had managed to dodge several little old ladies and leap over a child to materialize in front of wrestle the box of MzClairol from my hands. He was spittin' out words thru gritted teeth, "I'll! Pay! Extra! Drop the box!!!!!"

Then he proceeded to push me and my cart away from the "danger zone"....mumblin' somethin' about my lack of abilities to bake and there was no way I was puttin' chemicals on my hair!!

Oh, He'll pay alright...He'll pay!!


ZooKeeper said...

That's one way to get your hair done by a professional!

Billie said...

I am trying not to laugh too hard as I am at work!

M&Co. said...

You think if you told him you'd offered to color MY hair he'd pay to get mine done?

Jane! said...

That definitely sounds like permission to take his wallet to the hairdresser!

Jeankfl said...

LOL Well? Get going!! That's one way of gettin' to go! That's funny.. Roy is definitely paranoid about that one!! Hope your week is good.

Miss Thystle said...

I dye mine all by myself all the time! It comes out fine. It's almost fool proof, really.

Although, if Roy's willing to pay, go get pampered!

MizAngie said...

Ohhhh GIRL! I tried to cover my own gray one time. I matched my hair to the strands of fake hair hanging from the shelf at WallieWorld and chose "Ash Brown." PERFECT match! Two weeks later I was walking down the hall when the girl behind me giggled and said, "Can't you get the Halloween hair dye outta your hair?" Me, "What?" Girl, "Oh. I'm sorry. But the back of your hair is green." So it was to a professional for me ever after...

Bird said...

Woo hoo! Nothing quite like getting your man to approve salon time! With the current economy, I'm gonna be self-dye for quite some time.