Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Vlad's Evil Plan Is Workin'!!!

4 weeks on the Barbaric Diet and 2 weeks at the fitness center I've lost 10 pounds!!

I can now lift on the Shoulder Press 20 pounds!!

Progress is slow but there is progress.


MizAngie said...

Listen here,
Our Nadine is tough,
But why be so rough?
You won't like your tussles,
When she gets all those muscles!
Argue with Nadine - I'LL PASS.
Bet the bitch could whip my ass!!!

Sherrie said...

See you're what I need, a diet/fitness partner! Shhhh don't tell anyone, but I'm braving an airplane again........EEK........friends have talked us into checkin' out Vegas with them this year. However, I'm not looking forward to donning the bathingsuit, before I plop my ass down on a floatie thingy, sportin' some froo froo drink with a pretty umbrella!

Beth said...

YEA congrats to you i bet you feel great i need to work on that myself.....got to get motivated first.

Dawn said...

that's great Nadine...I started last week but have only lost 3lbs....as for the gym...well I'm pretty sure that would kill me still.....but I'll just keep checking in on you for motivation....
Oh and mizangie...love the poem...

Miss Thystle said...

so today, I saw this web site with before and after pics of a lady that lost 225lbs and then she looked like Mr. Burns.

So I'm eating pudding.