Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Some Things I Need To Ask About...

If you wear black spandex workout pants, shouldn't you wear underwear??

There's this woman at the gym....let's call her MzIndianPrincess'69...and She could have been!!
But back the pants...She works out with her hubby just as I do. She has spoken to me...and I know her hubby.

When I went to get my motorcycle license, MzIndianPrincess'69's hubby was "THE" DLGUY. And you all know how obnoxious Roy is....
Roy says, "So DLGUY, do you really think that she weighs 106?"

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!??????
I have had 106 on my driver's license since high school!! And that ass had to bring it up!!!!

The DLGUY looks at me with an eyebrow raised, shook his head, and asked my weight!!!
I lied and told him 130!!

He smirked and amended the driver's license when he added my "M" endorsement!!!!

So I know him! His wife on the other hand, I'm just now gettin' to know.

Black spandex pants....She wears them. And she was diligently workin' out when she bent over...and HELLO!!
No wonder there was no pantie line!!!
Just becuz their black doesn't make it where people can't see your business!

And that brings us to another subject, proper etiquette in the locker room.
Roy says there's a sign in the men's locker room that states there is to be no runnin' around with your dick hangin' out.
"No! But They do not want nudity."

So do I turn up my modesty knob to's currently set to 5. 1 being reserved for NudeBeaches...and I'm not there yet.
I will go topless on the cruise ships, my boobs have been shown off from Belize to Hawaii to Mexico to Kansas, and go to stripclubs....and come to think of it I have had that "16 candles" experience once....I was 28, though.
Do I ACT all prude and dress in a shower stall or over the toilet like the other women??
Or do I just undress like I currently do with all my glory hangin' out in the middle of the room??

I wouldn't want to make anyone uncomfortable or anything??
Roy didn't have an answer for that one.

And thanks Angie!!
MzAngie wrote me a poem....

Listen here,
Our Nadine is tough,
But why be so rough?
You won't like your tussles,
When she gets all those muscles!
Argue with Nadine - I'LL PASS.
Bet the bitch could whip my ass!!!


Bird said...

I am a total and complete prude. I like to joke that I was born wearing underwear. Still, I think it's fine to change out in the open if we're talking about a locker room.

With spandex? You should wear a thong if you're worried about panty lines. Otherwise, just wear underwear. I don't know how we got to the point where people think it's horrible to know you have on underwear.

PS: I can't spell underwear--it's like a have a block or something.

Billie said...

Ok... I don't always wear underwear under my work out pants. Mind you... these guys are thick enough that I am certain no business is being seen.

I dress in the locker room - out in the open. Do I flaunt my business? No. I dress and undress efficiently.

Vickie said...

I am not a prude, but I still dress in the shower stall. I don't want strangers lookin at me.
I wouldn't mess with you or Mz Angie. I think you could both whoop my butt.

MizAngie said...

I dress and undress in the dark - in a closet - with the door shut. I don't even look at me. I'm a little bit modest. Ha!! I blush when the dog looks at me.

Wow! You posted my poem! Does this mean I'm a "published author?" hahahhahaha!!!