Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's So Easy To Fall In Love....

And to use your Mp3!

If I can do it....anyone can!

If you have CDs...load them into your PC......Ripped em!
Which I have...all that I own...into the WindowMediaPlayer.
Actual vinyl, I have no clue.
And I hear that vinyl is makin' a comeback....Madonna is releasin' her latest on vinyl.

I love that I can down load the songs that I want from Amazon and not have to buy the whole album.
All I wanted was "Tied to the Whippin' Post" and I have a entire CD of songs I don't know!

And then you follow the directions that came with your Mp3....a critical part of life that I usually skip over...some things are self splain-it-tory!

I mean really!
We recently bought a fireproof safe for important papers to put into our supposedly fireproof gun's a Roy Thing.
The safe for papers came with instructions!!

Roy was reading it.

And I said, "It's a box! You put your shit in it and lock it! How hard can that be that it needs instructions in 5 different languages??"

It's coffee and it's hot!! Don't spill it on your lap!!!
It's a mean barkin' dog, you don't tease it!!
It's a hurricane, you leave your home to go to safety!!
It's a gun and you don't point it at people!!

Instructions with a safe???

But in the case of highly technical thingys....I read the instructions.
And This RCA Mp3 was too simple.
I just "sync" it to my Mp3 and poof it's done!!
There is no way I could fuck it up!

Angie...don't fear the Mp3. It is your friend.


Dawn said...

I had an iPod....I loved I'm shopping for a new one....can't live without it....
now I just need high speed....

Cindy R said...

Hey Girl!
Sorry it's been so long since I have made a visit!
I have to at least read a little of the instructions before I start something, even then half the time I can't figure it out! Now hubby...he won't read them at all and then gets pissed off and starts cussing and I'm saying "Why the hell didn't you read the instructions? That's why they're there, DUMBASS!" Anyway...glad that you got your MP3 all setup and you can jam away!

Erika said...

The RCA is much easier to load songs than the IPOD. I have an IPOD and my sister a RCA. I loaded the songs for her since she didn't have a computer. So much easier!! Have fun with the MP3.

Vickie said...

How many songs will it hold? Can you make playlist? I want one. I am jealous. I usually read the destructions.

Sherrie said...

oi.......the kids gave me one 2 years ago for Christmas, I had to twist their arms one day to put a few songs on it, they said they'd put more on it later.......well it's TWO YEARS LATER......and still the same ole songs LOL.

Hey it's only fair right? How many years did I load the BETA or VCR machine for them!

Bird said...

I think my ipod is idiot-proof. You just need to have a decent internet connection--dial-up won't do.