Friday, September 26, 2008

I Love The Peeps In My Posse!!!

That Last blog....let's just chalk it up to hormones.
I got it all outta my system with MzAngie...and I'm movin' on. She and I are on the same page.
Thanks for the Taser, MzThystle!!
And the pep talk from MzJean...I heart you!!
I'll be back when I have myself under's better for all involved.


MizAngie said...

Isn't it WEIRD to still run into those same old feelings when you least expect it? Maybe we were both having hormonal episodes. UGH. I hate when I let someone else have that much power over my mood and my measurement of self-worth. See? I know how to throw out the psychobabble, I just don't know how to put it into effet. Ha!!

Love ya!

Jean said...

Don't stay away long! And get away from that gym!! That's probably what's doing it! Those people are always the ones doing it!!LOL Can you tell I hate gyms?? Just remember we love you!!

Anonymous said...

I don't chalk it up to anything but "them pieces of crap..who do they think they are?"

And then I go get in their face and make them apologize or explain...period.

And I never harvested deer or elk...I slaughtered them with one of my super-rifles...the times I took my bow...missed them all.

But "I butcher my own food" at my profile quip is the past..I gave away every gun I had thirty years ago, and after killing every animal there is in Idaho..millions in the ground-squirrel groups.

Then just quit...period.

So must kill or be atrophied into women...the fate even I had to accept.

Then I would be killing in print, in law manipulations and extortions, and even on my own kids.

"I'll tell your mom" is a good one.

Repairs and hard constructions are war and hunting combines, a sublimation that works.

And yes...the ozarks for my mom's side, and Guthrie, Okalhoma for Ira Guthrie of course.

G,G,G, Grandpa Guthrie and on back through Indiana, Iowa, and on down to Missouri in the Breaks I knows for sure.

But yes, in Idaho, it's soooo funny to us as hell, we don't care...just stay out of the real Idaho is our challenge.

Our bears will eat those guys up and remember..Jerimiah Johnson never made it out alive of our mountains...or he lived forever and ain't of the two.

No body we could find anyway.

And Bambi?

Our deer will bite you, after running you into a box canyon and surrounding you...they say anyway.

But only those who came back from those deep woods without any deer, or even their guns?

Opps! It takes a story like that too I suppose...I always came back with two, and one with no tag..or, both with no tag for "oops."

As for "kill"...I'm here only to overthrow the world, and won't accept matter how long it takes.



Anonymous said...

Well, it's like October still alive?...David.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you are doing just great, and I assume the weather is as nice there as here.

It's magically favoring me and my projects in fact.

Can we have "no snow" this winter?

Could be...feels strange for sure and excess water with too warm.

Upside global warming is how we are seeing it....David.

Anonymous said...

Hey there...loved the blog about peppers and basil, but the the comments section of "add a comment" wouldn't open up for some saying hi here and nice garden for sure in spite of it all.

About the same here, but no peppers for mom's garden, and hey..I'm a McDonald's man myself, and I grow only weeds for a diversified weed project I ran for recovering sand to soil by the way as it turned out so far.

So hopefully this will show up close enough to the present blog for you to catch if...if not?

Oh well...David.