Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How I Spent My Labor Day....

Or maybe a better...How Roy spent his Labor Day...Weekend.
Yeah that's much better.

He spent it building a pool deck...Isn't that so sweet of him??
Wait....there's more to it than's not for me!!
He slaved away in the sun for 3days with nothing but that umbrella for protection from the sun and a cooler full of Gatorade....drink lots...we own stock in the company!!
He used some old lumber that he had layin' around to start out with and pretty soon like a Professional Contractor he had'er up....sorta.
He had to go to town and get more lumber and all sorts of manly things to finish it up .....and justify buyin' a freakin' new cordless drill.
I have no idea what was wrong with the other....2....but for some reason while walkin' thru Sears, he heard the music.
You know that music....the wonderful music of harps and flutes and little cheribs come down from the heavens with sunshine and confetti.....I hear it for shoes and purses....and you should see the cutest pair of shoes I bought at TJMaxx!!!

I'll be right back!!

Aren't so the cutest!!!!
Okay where were we....decks!
Oh wait you didn't see the cutest little purse.....just a sec!!

Sorry that took longer than needed....there was a cat in my shoes!!!

Scooter... you freak!!
Is it just me or does anyone else have a cat with a shoe fetish???
That's new purse...too cute!!

Music... Drills ..... Decks...So he's out there buildin' a deck.

That I didn't ask for!!
I was happy with out it but HappyWife wanted Roy's out there buildin' her a least it's at my house!!

He has slaved away for 3 days on it....I love the way it's shapin' up.

This mornin' he has a whole new plan. He is goin' to tear down and make some adjustments!!

What the hell!?!?

"Oh no you're not! It just fine the way it is and I will not let you tear it down." Made for HappyWife or not....he's not tearin' it down!

"Oh yes I am! I thought about in the night and I need to make adjustment for when we put the cover on the pool."
"We'll just move the deck out from the pool but you are not tearin' it down! You will have to send me away or somethin' but I will not let you do it!"
Let me just say 2 things about that last statement....he would never send me away...even if his life depended on it...he'd rather fight with me over it.
And we could never move that deck.
He builds things to last and that are extremely heavy.
He built me a picnic table that he can't move along and I can't help him move it...he has to flip and turn it and load it on the truck to move it....I swear!!
It's been all over the yard....but that is one well built and heavy mutha!!
He's out there right now....rebuildin' that deck and makin' adjustments....there are some fights I don't win!
But oh well...cuz this....see that floatie....that's what I did!!
And this is what Ralph did...
Yes, Ralph is "lovin' up" the Trixie hangs her head in shame.


kwr221 said...

OMG, I think I need to go show shopping!

kwr221 said...

and isn't it a little late in the season to be messin' with pools?

Bird said...

Better get my hiney to TJ Maxx--those shoes are awesome!

I'm guessing kwr221 lives further north. In N. Texas this time of year is still blisteringly hot. I assume OK is similar.

Heading home tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to get caught up on all the fun!

Oh yeah, my cat has a total shoe fetish. One of our therapists has to leave hers outside on the porch because my cat french kisses them!

MizAngie said...

Oh wow...that pool looks so inviting... When Mother had her pool like that I would go to their house every Friday after work, stay up all night so I could sleep in the pool on a float on Saturday. I was brown as a bean but I wanted to be darker and darker. I was....TANOREXIC!!!