Saturday, September 20, 2008

Don't Fear The Gym!!!

I did.
I was afraid of being the only fat woman in the gym with a whole group of svelte hard bodies....and I'm not!!
There are no hard bodies! There are some that have great bodies but I'm intimidated by someone that's 23!!
Roy and I have talked about this and there are some people that take it as serious as we do and then there are some that don't. Like maybe they're just there to get credit for school or something. They do it all so half ass!
I wish I could take my camera with me to take photos but there are rules....guidelines really.
We stressed out about what to workout in...I didn't. But Roy is a jeans and tee-shirt guy. I bought him a pair of sweatpants. He was okay with it.
And our first day there an old cowboy shuffled over to the treadmill and got on it in his boots and jeans....all rules were pissed on!! I don't want to buck the camera rule...just yet.
And so Roy does just that....he wears his jeans and his teeshirt. But at least he wears his tennies!

We don't have a set pattern of what time we go. We go everyday but Sunday. I put my foot down...I needed a break!!
But I have noticed that in the mornin's it's mostly the old people. Those that are tryin' to take care of their health problems...some use it for rehab. One man I noticed today, looked like he had a stroke. Most just walk and a few do the old lady lifts more than I do!!
Rock on Granny!!
If we go in the middle of the day we have the whole place to ourselves....which good for those outburst of Roy's singin'!!
If we go late in the day, it's the younger crowd and weight lifter type. And I was really surprised by how "soft" they look.

Roy asked me one day, "What takes you so long to get in the gym?"
I'm a woman.
I'm gettin' dressed in a locker room.
My underwear has to not be in my crack.
My Mp3 has to tucked in my bra just right.
But what I told him was, "I got stopped on the way to the gym by a weightlifter. He needed someone to spot him and help him measure his muscles."

He rolled his eyes.

We have been at this now for about 3 seems like longer!
And I have fallen into a rut weight wise....I'm stuck!
And that is such a bummer!!
I can see a difference.
I can feel a difference.
But the weight thing....It's very heartbreakin'!!
To starve and to sweat myself for only 10 pounds!!!

But as I sat there on my bike today, I had an epiphany!!
I feel good....I dropped one pant size.
I do see the difference...I could put my boot on with a struggle!!
That's a huge deal!!
My legs are comin' along nicely!!
But I don't care what the weight long as I continue to workout and eat Vlad wants....then that's what I'll do!!
I'm not gettin' back on the scales for awhile.

Baby's still got back....but her legs.....wooo baby!!


Bird said...

I go through periods where I really enjoy working out and then it gets away from me. I don't think of gyms as scary, though. In the Air Force, everybody goes--it's just how it is--young, old, skinny, fat, pregnant; doesn't matter.

MizAngie said...

I was gonna put something smartassed as I usually do, but I just can't. I think it is absolutely fabulous that you and Roy are going to the gym together and doing the healthy things. I'm envious on many levels. Your willpower, your retirement(!), your Roy, and now, your good legs! I think you're the bomb Nadine Hightower!

Aynde said...

GO YOU! One of these days maybe I'll get over my gym phobia. Lord knows I need to lose 10 or 100 pounds. *laugh*

Keep up the good/hard work. You're worth it.

Anonymous said...

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