Saturday, August 09, 2008

Who Ya Type'n To??

Roy likes to sneak up on me....he scares me every time!!
"Whatcha doin'?"
"Typin' an email."
"To who?"
"And who's Gina?"

Deep Breath.
"She's a young woman that lives in New York."

Wait for it.....nothing...continue.
"And she has a cat named Manny too."

He just stands there a moment.
"Well can you stop and come help me?"

Baby Steps, People....Baby Steps!!!

Seriously, he scares me...EVERY TIME!!

"What are you doin?"
I have jumped about 3 feet outta my chair.
"Readin' a blog."
He stares at me blankly.
"It's a diary sorta thing."
"And who's sorta diary are you readin'?"

And it's open to a great picture of Charlie....laughin'....babies are so cute when they laugh.
"And what do you have in common with her."
"She's a mom with a special needs baby that used to teach in Arkansas but now she lives in Loosy-anna."

And he asks again, "And what do you have in common?"
I'll just cut to the chase.
"We both like rum and coke and we talk with our hands." as I wave my hands about showin' him how I talk with my he doesn't already know.

And he just walks away.
He's gettin' the hang of it....I think.

I REALLY should put a bell on him....EVERY FREAKIN' TIME I JUMP!!
"Hey Babe! Who are talkin' to?"
I'm settlin' back into my chair.
"I'm not talkin' to anyone. I'm typin'....big difference!"
He rolls his eyes, "Who are you typin' to?"
"Is Suncatcher a man?"
Now I roll my eyes!! Geez!!
"No, she's woman. In either Ohio or Indiana, I'm not sure which."

He just shakes his head, "Can you put her on hold and help me?"
Do you get the idea that he's helpless??

No matter how hard I try to listen for the backdoor, he sneaks up on me!!!!

"Whatcha doin'?"
"Fillin' out a questionnaire for Gina."
"And who is Gina?"

Baby Steps!!
Hang in There MzAngie!


Grandmother Witch said...

That Roy cracks me up. I don't have anyone sneaking up on me, but I do get the third degree from my sister about who I am communicating with. Like it's any of her business.
I just wanted to pop over and tell you how welcome you are to the Sonics. I just wish they had kept their name, but hopefully they will play better in OK with a new one.

Sherrie said...

All perfectly normal conversations! He'll get it eventually lol.

Off to drag my hubby shopping, let's hope the stores' air conditioning works!

Bird said...

My poor husband. I start a lot of my conversations with , "I read this girl's blog and . . . " Doesn't even phase him any more. And I call everyone a girl--I haven't picked up yet that we're all women.

MizAngie said...

I'm like bird...I find myself referring to or quoting blogs, and people look at me like "whatever." I get the same look I get when I talk about the people on my soap opera!

I'm hangin' Nadine, I'm hangin'!!

VENTL8R said...

Thanks for the link to the trailer! I need to be alone...preferrably with a certain Mr. Radcliffe....

Damn he's hot...AND LEGAL!!

Anywho, Steve just knows better to leave me alone when I go downstairs to get on the computer. He just shakes his head.