Monday, August 18, 2008


As we all know I'm perpetually 35!!
But TheVentl8r sent me an email invitin' me to take the RealAge Test.
So I said, "What the hell?" And took the test.

I am aged to be 51!!!
What the fuck??!!??

It seemed to think that becuz I drive over the speed limit that I was livin' a bit risky.
So I told Roy about this....he's 58. He took the test.

It aged him at 54!!!
What the Fuck!!!???!!!
Come on!!

He gets points for being active??!!??
It took age off???
For driving the freakin' speed limit???
Hey!! He doesn't floss as much as me!!!
Don't I get credit for that???
Of course, his evil twin Vlad the Diet Barbarian pounded his chest and said "WE WILL BE DIETING!!"
I've even been threatened with a BowFlex!!

Prize at the end...a healthy wife....and a cruise for the 10th Annual 35th Birthday...Novemeber 2009!!
Thanks for that Kristi!


MizAngie said...

I'm afraid to take the test - I'm afraid I'll be 223 1/2 years old! ha.

And HEY! What the hell is wrong with 51??? Remember, I celebrated the 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday this year!

Bird said...

I took that stupid test and I was almost my exact age. Hello? I already knew my age!

Mannyed said...

I was too afraid to take that test. However, if someone promised me a cruise at the after taking the test, then thats a different story!

Beth said...

i am with MizAngie, i would be scared to know what my age would be LOL. your reward sounds great though.!!!

VENTL8R said...

I'm 34 and my RealAge is around 28.