Monday, August 04, 2008

Nuts On The Family Tree...

But first..........It was not a tick.
It was either a mole or a wart.
Pure and simple.
I looked for a pix of it as there are so many photos of my's so photogenic! But there wasn't a clear shot of it...those damn boobs were in the way!!
Does anyone else have that problem??
Go thru the photos on a memory card and boom....There's boobs??
Or maybe at Walmart going thru it printin' up vacation photos and boom....there's your nekked ass for all the world and big ball in the sky to see??
Or is it just me??

Thanks for your was not a tick.

And now on with the show.....

This weekend we had my grandpa's birthday dinner....a fish my sister's house. Roy doesn't go with me becuz he gets stuck with my grandpa. My grandpa is a pill!!
When I was a kid I thought it was so neat that my grandpa KNEW everything!
Now...Holy Shit!
And Roy doesn't need to partake of Grandpa's wisdom. So he stays home.

So I got sucked into a conversation with him....though it was one sided. I just sit and nod my head at the right times and occasionally ask a question...that keeps him goin' while others slip outta the room....sorta like a sacrificial lamb!

My grandpa has delusions of grandeur. Big ones!!!

A few members of my family have traced different branches of the family tree. And of course they found connections to famous people.
One branch supposedly founded Oktoberfest!!
Some one musta said,"Let's Party!"
And Poof!!
We have Oktoberfest!!
Some one had to do...might as well be my relative!

And some cousin 7 generations back on my mother's mother's side was connection to one of those big Texans. I can't remember now if it's Austin or Houston.
She looked it up!! The women of my family can be in the SisterHood of the Travelin'Alamo or something like that.....which just goes against my Okie grain.

And now, my grandpa thinks he is related to some big Cherokee that was kicked outta Georgia!

I have known forever, about Grandma Smith....I have a photo of her with me on her of those 5th generation photos. But I have never heard about her family until Sunday!
And all of the sudden her people were Cherokee and famous!
There is a bronzed bust and everything....Grandpa was there....he talked to The PEOPLE IN CHARGE!!
My grandpa has a trunk with old letters that his mother wrote and the HystericalSociety...either the Cherokees or the State....I can't remember which....becuz I wasn't listenin' to him half the time....wants the letters. Becuz they were from the family of that big Cherokee that kicked outta Georgia!
And of course they are THE BIGGEST FIND OF THE STATE!

A while back some lady donated a great deal of art work to the University of Oklahoma and I'm sure that in that old man's mind...he did the same thing!!

And so it sand thru the hourglass.....and shit thru the goose.....these are the days of our lives.

And thank God I live so far away.


Miss Thystle said...

but you DID get to snuggle all them cute babies, so it's not like it was all suffering!

MizAngie said...

The one good drop of blood you have and you're not proud of it (the Texas drop!). That just ain't right, Nadine - not right at all! hhahahahaha I guess it would be frustrating to sit right by the best state in the nation and grow up in our shadow. *giggle*

Vickie said...

Hi Nadine,
Some where, some day, you will have the need to say you are related to that famous person. And you can say your grandpa told you so. Ahhhhh bonding.