Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So the last couple of blogs were a knee jerk reaction to something a friend told me. She is unhappy in her marriage and will be divorcin' her hubby in a few years after the kids get older. I'm not fond of him and I've always said I couldn't wait for her to divorce his sorry ass.

I could see it.
She just needed to wise up. Well, she has.

And I feel a bit sorry for him.
If he knew she was plannin' a divorce would he straighten up and fix it??

Time will tell.

Okay now for what everyone comes here for...the funny shit that happens in my life...And I don't want to make MzThystle cry.... never again.


So I have 6 cats.

Every night there is at least one in bed with me and's really crowded and noisey when all 6 are in there with us....but that's another cattale for later.

My big yeller cat, Manny...his NewYor cousin, Mannicotti Biscotti is orange....likes to sleep between me and Roy.
He walks around us both until he finds just the right spot.

On Roy's pillow or on mine.

One of his favorite places is being stretched out between us with his front paws on the back of Roys neck and his back feet on my forehead....but we'll come back to that.

Usually he lays on me.
He rubs all over me.
And is draped over my shoulders like a stole....a big yeller 14 pound vibratin' stole!

Or he sleeps with his forehead right next to mine....he's so cuddley....I'm his momma cat you know. He purrs the whole time. It's very peaceful.

And then it happens.

For no good reason, he makes this noise that sounds like "hrrmph!" and butts my head.

I'm not talkin' about sweet gentle nudges. I'm talkin' about World Championship WWF HeadButts that hurt!!

Every time!!

At least he warns me with the Hrrmph!

So one night, Manny was stretched out between me and Roy with his front feet on the back of Roy's neck massagin' away....purrin' like a Ferrari engine...with his back feet on my forehead.

I moved his feet away from me very gently....If something freaked that cat, he would use my forehead like springboard leavin' me scratched and bloody!!

But the purrin' and massagin' never went on for a long time.

It's so very soothin'..... All that purrin'!

Roy had drifted off to sleep...I could tell by his breathin'.

Manny was purrin' a bit softer....the massagin' was so slow I could hardly feel it.

Everyone was so calm and peaceful.

Roy started to snore.

Manny said, "Hrrmmpph!" and smacked Roy on the back of the head.

Roy stopped snorin'!!

I still giggle about it.

Do you know how hard it is to laugh your ass off and not shake the bed???
I do not want to have a HrmmphHeadButt!!
That's how we "watch" TV.


Bird said...

I don't mind the seriousness--sometimes it's good.

A headbutting cat? THAT would freak me out. My can likes to sleep on top of my legs, which is good sometimes and other times--not so much.

Miss Thystle said...

You need to train him to headbutt on command!

Jeankfl said...

That looks just like Bro.. big ol' wussy boy. Loves to sleep curled up in my shoulder with his head right next to mine.. I hate it, cause he's like a freakin' heater!! But, I can hear him purring..
I don't just come for the funny stuff!!! You talk about whatever you want to! I enjoy it, no matter what you're writing about!

MizAngie said...

Life ain't all funny... I'd think you were weird if you were happy and funny all the time.

Mannyed said...

I love headbutting cats, the lovey kind of headbuts too. Manny is so darn cute, I might have to go to Okla and bring him back to New Yor.

Is Manny calling me in that picture?

Vickie said...

Hubby always goes to sleep before me. He always snores. Maybe I need a cat like that. (Even though we agreed no animals).