Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Have You Ever Been Threatened With a BowFlex??

Okay.... Just Me??

We went to Sears to see what sorta exercise equipment was available.
Why I don't know??
We have a threadmill. We bought it 10 years ago. It works fine....when we use it.
But it's so borin'!!
It's up stairs in the Museum.
We have a stationary bike. It's 15 years old. And I have gone a lotta miles on it...and bitched the whole time!
A tractor seat!! People, I want a tractor seat!!!
Not only does it hurt the tender parts of my business area but it's borin'!!
It's up stairs in the Museum.
We have a stair stepper's 16 years old....Roy told me I don't use it right...I quit usin' it all together....he bought the stationary bike.
It's up stairs in the Museum....I do use it every so often.
It works perfect as a step stool to help me rummage around in the top of the closet...if I stand on both steps at the same time...puts me a foot up in the air!!
When I moved in with Roy I had a rowing machine!
Yep I did!
Not that I ever used it....for it's intended purpose.
My ex-hubby stubbed his toe on it all the time! That's what he gets for sneakin' around on my side of the bed...that lazy bastard!!
The Rowing's at my granny's....and not in the Museum.
There is no way I will let him buy another piece of equipment for torture and it wind up up in the Museum!!
We went to the local fitness center and took the tour....just as soon as I feel better, we'll start going.



Bird said...

I've got a Gazelle parked right in the middle of everything. It's not exciting but it does get used because I can see the TV or listen to music. It was cheap too. Maybe you just need to move stuff out of the museum and into a place where it will get some use.

MizAngie said...

I figure if I really want to exercise I'll get off my ass and just go walkin'. In the meantime, I have a pilates gadget I'll sell ya real cheap...

I do get some exercise from moving a big stack of unread self-help and diet books from place to place. Oprah, Dr. Phil, Bob Greene, Weight Watchers, Success Stories, Chicken Soup for the Fatasses Soul. I have 'em all.

Billie said...

I had a treadmill that I used A LOT while I watched TV. It didn't fit into the new place so I sold it.

I still have the bowflex which I used to use a lot. It sits unused while I try to get motivated to use it again.

I am blaming it all on my second job and the kids. I am only now starting to get the feeling that I am not perpetually tired and I have some free time to myself.

I do go to the gym 3 times a week to hit the stationary bike.

ZooKeeper said...

I took the real age test too. It says I'm 34.3 which is 4 years old than I am. But seeing as I smoke and don't exercise.....

Oh, I wish I had time to go to the gym on a regular basis.

I've got the gazelle too. Can't even break a sweat on that thing so it is back in the garage getting shit on by birds.