Friday, August 08, 2008

Google Me Baby!!!

Some folks have googled the following subjects and lead them to me....

the beehive ladies...which makes sense if you want to read about the BeeHiveLadies' adventures...or hear me bitch about them.

beehive ladies....they just left off the "THE"

ladies massage on boys...aaaa.....uuummm.....NOT SURE WHY THAT LEAD TO ME. We don't do that here....move on!!

nadine hightower...well of course that's me!!

has never cut her hair...Apparently that's a big is with Roy. Seein' how he's like long hair.

ladies day trip...Makes sense. Women need to get away and socialize with other they can be catty about the other group of women on the other side of the restaurant!!!

old ladies with beehives...And that's what we want to be....old ladies with BeeHives.

all-that-hair cut-my-hair...I-Don't-Get-it-.

tigress ladies perfume...really??? You want it?? Is it all that??

how to put hair up in a beehive ...roll it in medium size rollers, dry it, rat it up high and use lots of aquanet!!

aquanet .......Two staples in the house I grew up in....Aquanet and Pepsi!!

And then there's this.... for my main hangout...

all along the hightower ....I thought that was a clever play on the Hendrix song. And that's about as clever as I get.

cold tingly feet ...I am googled more for this than any other subject. Well, I get googled a lot for Boobs too. Buuuuut.....Apparently, there are a lot of folks with tingly feet.
Check Please with you big green donkey dicks! It's never been helpful for all. Call your doctor and make an appointment!! That's the best DumbassOkie Advice I can pass along!!!!

picked the queen up ....HUH???

pool dude ...that's Roy and he is not available for hire.
Well, okay I will negotiate with the highest bidder.

can she bake a cherry pie billy boy ...big fat no! But I did make a fabulous peach pie from my very own trees.

peke-a-lab ...NO CLUE!! Ralph is a shih tzu basset hound mix!!
Which makes him a Basket full of Shit!!

Sorry, I have several people ask...How?? .....It's free!


MizAngie said...

Hey. I got googled the most for "TonyRomo" because I blogged about him once. Pfft!

Dawn said... do you know you got googled...I'm so green at this....

Miss Thystle said...

Yeah, I want to know how you got your Google stats! That was the best part of that other host - knowing what random shit brought peeps to my 'hood.

Miss Thystle said...
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VENTL8R said...

BWA!!! That's great! I haven't done a Google check on myslef for a while; Can you do that here in Blogger? I know you can in Spaces.....

Bird said...

Google stats is why my blog has a new name. The freaks looking for Barnyard sex made me want to run from the computer.