Monday, August 11, 2008

The Good Bye Tour

This is long....get a cup of coffee and have a seat....

When Roy was a kid growin' up he spent every summer, from the age of 9 until he went into the Marine Corps, on the farm in Iowa. That is his special place. He made the best memories on that farm. He worked in the fields and flirted with the local farm girls from neighborin' farms.
The farm belong to his Uncle George and Aunt Pat. They had 3 daughters to which Roy is very close to...more like a brother than a cousin.
In the last few years, Roy's Parents and his aunt and uncle have all aged into their 80's. Each have their own health problems. This last year, his cousins wanted to get the OldFolks together as we never know when the day will come that we lose one. I have heard horror stories of the illness from the cousins about one of them passin' out in church or ambulance rides to the ER. And Roy's parents are no different. They have had their ownambulance adventures too.
Anyway, the girls want to get together....but there is the problem of where.
Maybe meet half way....which is Kansas save on gas.
These are penny pinchin' people...not the cousins but the OldFolks.
We don't know people in Kansas City.
These people are people that don't stay in motels. They stay with family.

But nothing ever come of any of it.

Until now.

Roy wanted to go up for the weekend to visit with his cousins and go the OldTimer's Thing. There are steam tractors and other old farm machinery. It's really quite interestin'. So he said, "Dad do you want to come with us?"
And his mother, QueenVictoria replied, "Oh yes!! I want to come too!"

We were shocked by that!
QV doesn't do the farm!
She hasn't been the nicest person to Aunt Pat over the years. So when she asked to come, everyone groaned....I'm sure that they groaned in Iowa too!!

So Roy and I worked it out so that we all could go....It was only a weekend. How hard could it be??
At RoySr's birthday dinner, QueenVicky cried on my shoulder that her sister...who also lived in Iowa...the other side of Iowa.... has been afflicted with Alzheimer'sDisease.
"I want to see her one more time before she can't remember who I am."

Yes she actually said that to me....How could I say no?

This added 2 more days to the trip.
There's no way I can go!
We didn't want to board the cats.
We didn't want to burden our friends with pool duty.

Roy left on Wednesday evening to go to start the "Good Bye Tour" on Thursday.
The drive to Iowa was eventful. His mother started out in the back seat. But her need to "mother" her husband kicked in about Kansas City. So at a rest stop she put him in the backseat so he could take a nap and rode shotgun thru KSC. Roy said she used the old man like a wet bar. "RoySr, could get me some water."
So he gives her some water.
"Can you add some ice?"
He adds some ice.
She opened up the map to "help" Roy around KSC....we know he has a hard time with it....and in the process spilled her water on RoySr's wallet!
Roy described for me what took place next as a grown man actin' like child throwin' a temper tantrum in the backseat and jumpin' into the front to yell at his "Mother".
Which scared RoyJr!
Which made RoyJr yell at both of them!!
There was a bunch of other things that happened on the trip up but that one really sets the tone for the whole trip!
Once Roy reaches the farm, he is informed that they will be stayin' with Roy's OtherAunt on The OtherSide of Iowa an extra day.
"It's only fair! We are stayin' 3 nights on the farm."
What else could he do?
I was pissed off!! She took a simple 2 day trip and turned it into a freakin' week long road trip with two bickerin' old farts!!!

By Saturday, Roy called, "Come get my mother!!"
That was after he was told that they would stoppin' to see another aunt on the way to The Other Side of Iowa! Some where around in The Middle of Iowa.
Now that's just not right!! QV has overstepped! I want my man back!! Roy is not a freakin' taxi drive to chauffeur them all over world.

Enough is Enough!

In the meantime, on the home front, I was gettin' a much needed rain. The lawn sighed with relief! The temperature dropped 20 degrees. It was really nice....until I got almost 3 inches of rain!
In the pool!
I called Roy and asked if I should siphon out some water. Just before he left he filled the pool so that I wouldn't have to do that. He was afraid that with the temps being over 100 that there would be evaporation and he didn't want me to have to mess it....but no! I got nearly 3 inches of rain!!!
He told me not worry about it, that if it got above the skimmer call him and he'll tell me what to do....which was what I did Sunday Am!!
It had rained over night and took the water level over the skimmer and was floodin' out the top of it and on to the ground....washin' out the base of my pool!!!!!!
I ran and got the hose....Stuck it in the pool about 2 feet and ran to the hydrant and connected the hose to it. Open the water line and let it run about 3 secs and then turned it off, disconnected the hose and dropped it on the ground....lettin' it suck water outta the pool!!
I ran for a bucket...wound up with my margarita pitcher....which is a quart and scooped out about 10 gallons of water as I stood in the freakin' rain!!!!

Then I called Roy!!!

I'm ready for my man to come home!!!

And Sunday evenin' when they make it to The OtherSide of Iowa....The aunt that is afflicted with Alzheimer'sDisease is not...NOT!!!!! AFFLICTED!!!!!!
Let me just say, Thank God should ever be. The Aunt has a whole interary of things scheduled to do...Roy just called me from the Herbert Hoover Library!!!
"I'm in the theater so don't call me." he whispered...I should call him just outta meaness!!
Yesterday, They went to a day lily farm....There's a story for that too. But this is way too long as it is....I'll tell you later!!
But real problem is.... I was lied my Frickin' mother inlaw!!! I am just now seein' that she is a very manipulatin' person...good Christian woman that she is....It will not happen again!!

Roy told them He is leavin' on Tuesday mornin' with them or without...he is goin' home!!!
He's had enough!!
And he will not be takin' them on any more trips!


Bird said...

I like to complain about my relatives, but that really takes the cake. If I were Roy I would have been tempted to just turn that car around and drive home.

Miss Thystle said...

I surely hope you packed him a flask.

MizAngie said...

That sounds familiar. My parents used to do stuff like that. It's like they never got outta the house because they couldn't drive themselves, etc, so when one of us agreed to take them they'd wait til we were on the road and then start saying "we oughta do this" and "while we're s'close we oughta do that." Oh well, we'll be old someday... And I felt just as manipulated as you, resentful even. Now that they're gone I wish they were here to manipulate me.

MizAngie said...

Sorry. I didn't say that to make you feel bad. I guess I was just feelin' a little guilty for being so resentful (yeah, okay, and hateful a few times). When you're pissed off about being manipulated it's hard to see down the road...

Beth said...

Oh i bet he is livid and ready to tell them he has had enough and is leaving.

Billie said...

I haven't been down this road and think it unlikely I will ever be down that road given how far away I am from my parents.

I think I would feel the same tho... manipulated and out of sorts.

Dawn said...

what is it with parents and manipulation....they go hand in hand....