Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Father And Son Walk...

I'm sure over the years many father's have walked along with their sons pointin' out the highlights.....bugs, birds, trees, sea shells....whatever was on the journey. Fathers pass out widsom and knowledge about whatever item that they may come across to their son....very heartwarmin'.....a HallMark Moment.

Well this is a Hightower Moment...

Roy's mother loves day lilies....her yard is covered with different beds of different day lilies...very pretty and lots of work. Her sister knowin' this planned a trip to a local day lily farm.
As they walked along the day lilies listenin' to the owner talk about all her beautiful flowers, Roy and his father fell back a bit from the group.
Just a father and son walk.
Roy noticed up in one of the trees a large gatherin' of bees....honey bees no doubt. He does what comes natural to him...he is a father too.
He points out to HIS father that there is honey bees in the crux of the pecan tree.
His father looks up to see them.
Then RoySr starts lookin' around on the ground and found a nut. He picked it up.
Seein' exactly what was on that old man's mind, and knowin' full well what would happen if he didn't stop that old man, Roy told him, "Don't you throw that at the bees!! If you do, I'll spank your ass!!"

RoySr dropped the nut and went off poutin' like a 4 year old!

QueenVictoria was not amused as her husband not with the group and made apologies to the farm owner. QV was unaware of the "Hightower Father and Son Moment"


Bird said...

Oh those parents--can't let them out of your sight for a minute!

Anonymous said...

Hey I see nothing has changed exciting life you have, LOL like the pic's the cats in front of the screen door is awesome how'd you get them to pose? Have a great week, and keep and eye on those kids,

Billie said...

I love it!!!

MizAngie said...

*giggle* I'm not sure I wouldna let the ol' boy go ahead and chunk that nut. I think QV sounds mean enough that the bees woulda flown the other way!!

Jeankfl said...

Man.. the parents become the child.. Hope he gets home in one piece and SOON!!!lol
Yes.. the ball with the stickies all over it.. when it's brown, take it in and let it dry completely.. it'll split open, and you can harvest the seeds and let them dry, too.Just leave a few on there, and they'll re-seed themselves! You can take it off now, and just let it dry inside the house, if you want..

ZooKeeper said...

It must be true what they say...You start life bald and in diapers and end it the same way. They didn't say you reverted back to being a naughty little child too!

Sherrie said...

~wild wild horses........couldn't drag me away~.........sorry was just enjoying the tunage!

Oi......sure hope Roy survived THAT trip!


Vickie said...

Well what meanness did you come up with. You took care of the pool. You worried about Roy. That all sounds to good. No drucken orgies? No late night skinny dips?
Love your sound track!