Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear EdithAnne and EudoraMae,

As I have never been real keen on boys....I like them as a species but not really in tune with them as a grandmother, I have a real problem with making them things.....That don't just screams "Broadway".....and I really want Fighter Pilots and NFL Quarterbacks and TightEnds... But that's a whole other story.

I want you to explain to my grandsons that I don't love them any less if I can't figure out how to make them Manly He-Man things...with my own two hands....the way I can you two or my one and only grandbaby girl. I can crochet her a hat and scarf in a takes a couple of days.

Yes, I made a pumpkin suit for my nephew and EudoraMae's skunk suit with a workin' tail but .... Transformers, Spidey, and

Gram falters.

Please tell them that Gram really adores them all the same....all the love a gram can have in her heart.
If the day should come that one of them or all them go off to Broadway....I'll be right there with the sequins, my sewing machine, and crochet hooks.

But until then....Please push them to football and airplanes....Gram can not send them cool hand made things.

Love, Hugs, and Jose,

Mom :) aka Gram


Bird said...

You know, I was so worried about having a boy--what was I going to do with one? It all works out. Besides, boys are a whole lot less likely to hold grudges that girls.

Proto said...

My nieces and nephews are fun to visit. Then I travel some more.

Jeankfl said...

We have all girls, too.. and there's only one boy in the grandkids.. and all the great grands are girls, so far! Boys usually are easier in many ways.. but girls are more understandable to us! Good luck finding something to make for them! You'll do it.

Dawn said...

just stopping by to say howdy....
...I can't make anything so I don't have these issues....but I feel for ya....hee hee...

Miss Thystle said...

couldn't they be into cowboys? You could spangle some chaps or something.

Actually - that's still pretty Broadway.

MizAngie said...

Why the hell can't you make 'em some boy stuff? Girrrrl...sleepin' bags, fleece blankets, sports-themed pajama pants, curtains, tents, shorts, GIJoe clothes, dirt bike trails, sandboxes full of trucks, gross looking cakes decorated with ground up oreos (dirt) and full of gummy worms, footballs made outta felt (just as good as nerf), ballfield at your house complete with sponsorship signs (homemade), treehouses, clubhouses...gosh - I can't even remember what all the boys and I came up with over the years. I guess one of their faves was when we took every pillow and cushion in the house and made a wrasslin' pit. Come on, you can make manly stuff!!!